Nowadays 3 out of 5 users are using mobiles and disconnected from their landlines. If you are deciding of transferring from landlines to mobile than wait you might reconsider this thought once.Here is list of some of the reasons which may change your thought of shifting to mobile and continuing with your landlines.

1.Landlines sounds better than a cell phone:The voice quality of listening as well as talking is much better in cordless landline phones than that of mobiles. This is essential for old people who suffer from hearing problem or if you have noisy surrounding, or you spend a lot of time on the phone, particularly in a home office.

2.Landlines provides better security:Mobile phones use a GPS-based technique to report location in an emergency. If you live in a high-rise building that’s quite difficult to indicate on which floor you live, if you are on road its fine. While Landline is associated to your address, including the apartment number, so in an emergency operator can easily send help at exact location even if you can’t talk. Additionally wired landlines phones can work in power outage as long as it’s attached to a conventional landline or VoIP service with battery backup.Also one more benefit is: Home safety systems usually require land-line connection to monitor fire and burglar-alarm sensors. If you don’t have Landline than alarm companies will mount a special device that connects with their office via a cellular link, but that will cost extra.

3.You can save long recharge bills using landlines:There are many offers like in BSNL landline they offer special discounts for BSNL to BSNL calling for users and deals for free calling etc.

 4.Problems like no coverage is least:Cordless uses Bluetooth technology in which you have to keep your cordless phone’s base and you can talk as much as you can in some range without any coverage problems.

5.New cordless phones are better than old models:New cordless models possess many features, like big, soft-touch buttons, easy-to-read displays, and backlighting that’s needed in a dim room. Speaking caller ID announces the caller’s name or number, so you don’t have to search a phone to see who is calling.DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology provides loud, crystal clear sound. DECT phones also tend to have quite long talk times, so it won’t ruin your important conversation. Some models support up to 12 phones from 1 base.