Promotional campaigns have been a supreme slice of every successful company. It is a key component that broadens a company’s scope in the market; especially for media companies, devising new unorthodox promotional strategies is a must. Such was the case for the Facebook sensation, Sarcasm, which had Aditya Saini as its head of promotional works and as per the looks of it, he has done a spectacular job in ensuring Sarcasm always stayed at the top of the ladder in the Indian market.

The Rise Of The Facebook Sensation Well Known As Sarcasm

Aditya Saini, while talking about what tactics helped in him spearheading the rise of Sarcasm, says, “Sarcasm’s rise was rapid and unimaginable in many ways. We were able to build an empire out of nothing. The journey from zero to over 39 million followers was memorable but required 100 percent determination on our side.”

He adds, “Our initial aim was to share simple sarcastic pictures mocking most talked about things. If there was a person who’d acquire all the news headlines, we’d post pictures regarding them. If there was an event which was the talk of the town, we’d prepare memes and pictures to ensure everyone talks about the event on our page. However, that was not it. I approached some of the smaller Facebook pages for cross-sharing content so that we both could benefit from it. All these initial tactics led to Sarcasm’s upsurge on Facebook.”

The Cutting Edge

Aditya Saini then talks about the involvement of brands that led to Sarcasm’s conversion of “just another Facebook page” to a “top dog.” He further adds, “Things were good, really good, but we reached a point where we were searching for ‘the cutting edge.’ We were on our way to becoming a major media outlet but had no idea how to proceed. What do we do now? After getting so many followers, do we just keep what we are doing? No, there had to be something that’s left to be done.”

“That is when we were approached by big-ticket brands like Wildstone, McDonald’s and Mi to promote their products. That was the cutting edge we were searching for. It gave us the light in the tunnel,” he proudly says.

Aditya Saini’s promotional methods have worked pretty well for Sarcasm. We can only hope for his fortune to continue shining Sarcasm’s social media armour in the future as well.