Bringplz helps you to send/receive products and goods via friends. They share space in their luggage or vehicle and carry stuff – a collaborative transportation system.

HYDERABAD, INDIA, November 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bringplz is a crowd shipping company that specializes in connecting people who are going to places with people who need to send stuff with them. You save on shipping and get express delivery for less. This is a smart and cheap way of shipping.

You can find someone on Bringplz who is traveling that way and request them to deliver your shopping. You can also post a need to get your items delivered. You have complete control on how much you wish to offer and the time frame for the delivery.

Bringplz offers itself as an online platform that brings together travelers and senders. Travelers carry goods for their friends, colleagues, or friends’ friends who might be interested in sending goods with them (‘senders’). Travelers utilize extra space in their vehicle or luggage to transport goods. They may receive a payment for the shipping services from senders or just earn goodwill depending on how they advertise their services. Senders, on the other hand, save money on their shipping needs, receive a personalized shipping service and a better tracking for their shipment.

The Chief Developer of the platform, M. Saaduddin had this to say —

“Our goal is to create a smart social network of shoppers and travelers that will empower its members with ideas and tools that in turn affect its members positively. Bringplz is an attempt at creating a such, smart travel network, by bringing together travelers and senders who act responsibly, and help each other to conserve resources (i.e. travelers’ earn rewards and senders save money; Also, both collectively create a greener environment by eliminating shipments that may have been shipped using traditional means).”

Additionally, when you get your stuff delivered from a traveler, who plans to travel that route anyway, you help eliminate the need for another vehicle to travel same route. Thus, you help reduce the carbon emissions and thus create a greener environment for all of us.

Bringplz is a cheaper, faster and greener way of shipping.

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