Love of Daily Essentials

NEW YORK, NY, January 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — BacioEssentials is a newly launched company based in the heart of Brooklyn , NY providing daily essentials to the comfort of your home. Bacio in french means to kiss but their brand meaning is to give back to their consumers with love with every product sold, Love of Daily Essentials.

BacioEssentials is a retail fulfillment business where they don’t keep any products they sell in physical stock. Instead they sell products using the dropshipping method, they purchase the items from a third party and have it shipped directly to their consumer’s home. First launching with 50 products ranging with essentials people need to face their day in this COVID-19 ruled world such as masks, beauty care, technology accessories, and home fitness gear etc.

Many consumers will call this brand the new black Amazon but most importantly it’s targeted for millenials and middle aged adults with the average means of income. Their products are market friendly and affordable for all types of consumers with the price range of $5-$75. They have standard shipping which will take about a week to get to your home, not too shabby right. It is important to support black owned businesses for one to lose the racial wealth gap, strengthen local economies, foster job creation and most importantly celebrate black creation.

Offering a large selection, low prices and fast delivery BacioEssentials stands out with their unique brand culture. Every item is vetted and pre-selected to test quality and the wholesaler itself before being added to ensure quality and durability. One of the owners stated “Not one item listed on my site isn’t something I wouldn’t personally use or have in my apartment.” This brand came about from the owner realizing all of his friends in their early to late twenties who are either getting apartments or buying homes and even starting families. Why not create a place where they can purchase all of their new needs and essentials.

A private label of the BacioEssentials line will be in production soon offering their very own essentials products from pet items, baby needs, home decor and small life hack products that make anyone’s life easier. I mean how annoying can it be to have to order from more than one home store because they don’t have a section for everything you need or want. Overall, this brand offers high quality products under one domain where you can order just about everything you need from the things you love also for the people or pet you love.

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