Preparing for Explosive Growth in New Industries

MADISON, WI, July 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — BIOIONIX, LLC the global leader in disinfection technology that eliminates harmful pathogens and disease from our food supply, announces the appointment of Ryan Karns as its new CEO. Ryan served as the company’s President for the last year in which BIOIONIX reinvented its branding and acquired a new leadership team all mission focused on helping its partners eliminate toxic chemicals from food processing.

Karns started at BIOIONIX as a mechanical/electrical engineer, building the systems with his own hands and advanced his way each year in leadership roles to evolve as the company expanded. Karns is behind the latest product model and patents further securing the innovation from competitive advances. A humble leader, Karns’ experience is grounded in teaching, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship.

It’s expected that Ryan will bring his contagious passion and innovative mindset to continue to revolutionize BIOIONIX. “We’re delighted to have a rocket scientist as our new Chief Executive Officer. Karns is a dynamic, values-driven leader, who has in depth knowledge of every aspect of our technology and industry. I can think of no one better than Ryan Karns to lead BIOIONIX,” said John McBride Chief Vision Officer and Co-Owner of BIOIONIX.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the company that truly is changing the world,” stated Karns. “Together with our team, we plan to make the most positive impact in food safety and sustainability, completely eliminating all toxic chemicals from food processing. BIOIONIX is poised for tremendous growth – not just for itself – but for our partners.”

Patented and proven BIOIONIX® systems are FDA and USDA approved as a chemical-free solution for disinfection in all stages of food manufacturing. BIOIONIX® was originally founded by a NASA grant for space shuttle water reuse. While focusing on an out-of-world science, BIOIONIX inadvertently developed a new technology that safely and naturally disrupts and destroys the DNA and RNA of harmful diseases and pathogens. BIOIONIX® systems offer a unique chemical-free, non-toxic advantage for food producers. BIOIONIX® is the only industrial-scale producer of slightly acidic electrolyzed water in the world.

About BIOIONIX, LLC. – BIOIONIX, LLC., headquartered in Fitchburg, WI, USA, is a technology platform company that develops, manufactures and distributes proprietary electrolytic systems to eliminate pathogens and other microbes from water. In the area of food manufacturing and seawater treatment, the company has developed a breakthrough for water microbial safety and reuse without toxic chemicals which can affect taste, safety and quality. The BIOIONIX system uses specialized catalysts to directly disinfect by generating a powerful combination of reactive oxygen and activated chlorine species with just water and salt. These BIOIONIX® SuperOxidants™ attack microbes by complementary methods of action, including direct DNA destruction, cytoplasm impairment, and cell wall disruption. Other SuperOxidants™ provide powerful residual disinfection throughout the processing systems.

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