Zürich, Switzerland, April 10, 2018 –(PR.com)– With 5 operating VR Arena Arcades, including Fusion Arena, Europe’s latest and largest in Zurich’s Letzipark, trueVRsystems has established a European lead in the deployment of the latest high-fidelity free-roaming VR system and experiences. Established in 2015, the company opened its R&D center in 2016 and began defining their unique and innovative technology presence in the market.

The company is presently installing its 6th Arena Arcade in Stockholm, Sweden, which is a modular 2 x 150m2 system that can, uniquely, combine into one large 300m2 arena. Following Sweden, it will build another 150m2 arena inside a luxury hotel chain in Santiago. This will amount to 7 centers in 4 countries bringing their Installed Capacity from 820m2 to 1270m2, making them one of the largest independent providers. “Each one of our operating centers is special and its delivery enabled us to test, learn and improve from a technical and operational perspective,” explains Philip Lacoste, co-founder and CEO.

While many entrants attempt to set up and gain the experience required to create free-roaming VR arenas, trueVRsystems has a proven track record in actually achieving this – its Swiss operating installations include, the VR Center Basel which it opened at the end of October 2017, a stone throw from the famous soccer stadium, St James Park in Basel and You Cinema, a bustling cinema complex in Oftingen for whom it built up a new Fighter genre experience called Plasmablade that features custom built handheld peripherals of the same name. Think lightsaber.

The momentum continued with the announcement in February of a 130m2 arena at Arcade Lounge in Kassel, Germany. The team behind Fusion Arena, has a plan to open 10 more Fusion Arenas in Switzerland by 2019 working with COOP, one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies.

All 7 centers are powered by trueVRsystems premium platform, supporting operator and player with a seamless operational system that can support up to 10-players, free-roaming, full body tracked and 16 if only tracking the head and weapon. That’s a record. To date, the maximum full body tracked arena was six people. Creating a suite of exclusive content experiences to power their system the operations are seeing an average Customer Return Rate of 38%. “The wrong assumption is to believe only hardcore gamers want to experience high end, free roaming, arena scale VR,” says Fabian Freund, co-founder and CTO.

Following the successful delivery of their first series of installations the trueVRsystems team is now moving to the next stage, deploying their hardware internationally, and establishing influential partnerships with operators and developers towards driving the lead they have achieved. “We have achieved a complete, turnkey solution that is deployable almost anywhere by a wide range of operators, and we are moving forward with our proven architecture into international markets,” says Guy van der Walt, trueVRsystems CCO.

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trueVRsystems delivers and supports its proprietary free roaming arena scale VR system and develops exclusive premium content. Founded in 2015, trueVRsystems is the trading name of RedCube GmbH, a company based in Switzerland – https://www.truevrsystems.com/

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