FBA Queens Academy, a renowned Amazon coaching firm, is excited to announce its latest high-ticket offer, FBA Queens Pro.

PEMBROKE PINES, FL, June 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — FBA Queens Academy, a renowned Amazon coaching firm, is excited to announce its latest high-ticket offer, FBA Queens Pro.

This comprehensive program is designed to empower aspiring resellers with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to start and run a successful Amazon reselling business that encompasses both online arbitrage and wholesale strategies. With FBA Queens Pro, resellers can now unlock a world of opportunities and take their business to new heights.

Prior to now, FBA Queens Academy offered a $1,997 exclusive plan that focused solely on showing sellers how to set up and scale successful online arbitrage businesses.

However, the FBA Queens Pro plan takes it a step further, offering a complete roadmap to master both online arbitrage and wholesale. Priced at $4,997, this high-value program provides a wealth of resources and exclusive features to help resellers excel in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Sellers gain access to a detailed online arbitrage module, that details all the product sourcing strategies they need to source high-quality products from various online retailers.

In addition to this, sellers will discover the secrets of sourcing products directly from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, enabling them to unlock higher profit margins and long-term partnerships.

The FBA Queens $4,997 offer also avails sellers the privilege of exclusive biweekly one-on-one calls with industry experts. They get to ask questions, seek guidance, and gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated the Amazon marketplace.

Aspiring and existing resellers who sign up for this offer also receive a complimentary 1-Year Access to the Diamond Plan of Sellers Hideout — this is the highest-priced plan, of the same software utilized by the FBA Queens team. This powerful tool streamlines and optimizes business operations, providing resellers with a competitive edge.

The icing on the cake is the product organization sheet, Ungated ASINs and list of online arbitrage stores that sellers gain access to.

With the product organization sheet, sellers can effectively track product details, pricing, and sales performance, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced profitability. What’s more intriguing is that they also get to overcome the hurdles of restricted product categories with 200 ungated ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers). This allows sellers to expand their product offerings and tap into new markets easily, thus driving increased sales and revenue.

Apart from the product organization sheet and ungated ASINs, sellers also get access to a meticulously curated list of over 100 online arbitrage stores known for their reseller-friendly policies.

“FBA Queens Pro is a game-changer for resellers looking to elevate their Amazon business. With our comprehensive training, ongoing support, and exclusive resources, resellers can conquer both online arbitrage and wholesale, unlocking new revenue streams and achieving long-term success.”

FBA Queens Pro enables resellers to diversify their income streams and tap into the immense potential of Amazon without having to navigate the complex marketplace on their own.

Sellers who are interested in riding on the wings of the experts at FBA Queens while still being able to access detailed online arbitrage and wholesale modules as well as a comprehensive Amazon seller tool suite can sign up for the program here.

The FBA Queens Academy teaches you the step by step process on how to launch and scale an Amazon FBA business from anywhere in the world

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