It’s all about the fit – – a good fit makes a good weld.

TAMPA, FL, November 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting Systems announced that it will be exhibiting in a booth at FabTech 2017 in Chicago. The latest edition of the FIT RITE products include adjustable beds on all sizes of Fitting Cradles. The adjustable beds allow for even faster and extremely accurate alignment between pipe, flanges and fittings.

“Faster, more accurate pipe fitting leads to better welds and labor cost savings,” said Kayworth Mann, President of FIT RITE, “A good fit, makes a good weld!”

The Precision Pipe Fitting System (PPFS) is perfect for fabrication of pipe assemblies including risers, headers, manifolds, spool pieces, and pump skids. The system is designed to align and hold pipe, fittings, and flanges while an operator can quickly tack-weld together a piping assembly. No helper or assistance is required for a perfect pipe fit, and a single operator using the PPFS can feed several welders.

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About FIT RITE Pipe Fitting System
FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting System fixtures are powder coated carbon steel and also come in stainless steel for Sanitary/Food products. Tube and Pipe systems can be Passivated or Electropolished. The FIT RITE system dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of pipe fitting, ensures perfect “pipe fits,” and reduces up to 80% of the man-hours typically required. To learn more, visit the FIT RITE web site. For more information, visit the web site:

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