How an emerging entertainer shaped his career in Hollywood.

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dandrell Scott isn’t a household name just yet, but you’ve definitely seen or heard his work. Scott has voiced commercials for Wendy’s, Toyota, Bayer, and Miller Lite, to name a few. He’s appeared on television shows such as “Chicago P.D.” and “The Chi,” with more appearances scheduled this year. As if his schedule wasn’t busy enough, Dandrell is dropping a rap album in 2021. The lead single, “Faded 2nite,” features Chicago rapper, Twista. “My mind is always going. Whether it’s comedy, rap, or acting, I can’t stop being creative.”

His humble beginnings started with stand-up comedy in 2012. Scott explains, “I’m a funny guy, so standup was a natural choice for me. But it’s hard to pay the bills like that. You gotta have other hustles.” By way of his talent agency, Dandrell secured his first voiceover with CPS (Chicago Public Schools). However, the VO gigs weren’t steady either. “I went months without booking anything, but I wasn’t deterred. I knew my time was coming.”

In the meantime, Scott decided to create his own animated projects. He also made indie films such as “Parked” and “Security Detail,” which displayed his acting abilities. “I wasn’t getting booked, or getting auditions for that matter. Did I feel discouraged? Yeah, but I wouldn’t quit. I started creating my own films. If no one else wanted to book me, I would book me. I wrote scripts, bought a camera, grabbed some friends, and started shooting all of these short films. Then I submitted them to film festivals,” Dandrell reminisces. Awards and nominations followed, allowing Scott to land bigger entertainment opportunities.

Dandrell’s breakout year happened in 2019, where he secured television roles and voiceovers simultaneously. His biggest voiceover job came from Wendy’s, as they debuted their new breakfast campaign with Scott’s voice. At the time of this article, Dandrell has recorded approximately 120 television and radio commercials. “When I started in this industry, I was a starving artist for years. Now, I make six figures from my voice alone,” says the actor. As far as future D. Scott endeavors, be prepared for new rap songs, television roles, voiceovers, and clothing from his brand, Bad Clothes Company. It’s only a matter of time before the “household name” recognition catches up with Dandrell Scott.

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