Amid the rapid rise of the alternative meat market, HN Novatech, a company that developed alternative meat made with seaweed instead of vegetable substitute meat, is attracting attention.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With its slogan “Technology is the future,” HN Novatech manufactured alternative meat for the first time in the world by using heme molecules extracted from seaweed and fish meat. The company staff said, “To overcome the barriers to entry into technology for alternative meat by using soybeans, grains, and vegetables, we are the first in the world to extract heme-like molecules from seaweed and develop alternative meats with fish meat applied to fish cake production.”

HN Novatech, which develops a variety of alternative meat products such as hamburger patties, bulgogi, and sausages, says, “The technology for using seaweed heme molecules has a wide range of applications and we have sufficient amount.” The company is getting many inquiries about technology alliances and purchase of key biomaterials from related food companies.

The company staff said, “It’s delicious, and it’s low calorie food that does not contain any artificial additives. We are going to increase brand awareness in the domestic market by advertising low calorie content and low saturated fat. Also, we are thinking of entering the global market after securing various distribution channels.”

HN Novatech received the Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation Chairman’s Award in Technology Innovation Division at the 12th Korea Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Awards in 2020.

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