It’s an age of self-obsession. Every one is obsessed with their own selves. Oh, I have accomplished, so much, and I am truly a genius, I should be getting superior treatment. Have you felt this, 90% of the times? Or people around you do? It is common right? So what’s wrong with this? Obviously, this is leading to a decline of empathy and compassion. We have an important meeting to attend and an accident on the road, and the other person bleeding profusely, doesn’t shake us. We simply opt to ignore and move ahead. This is an indication; we are hitting a roadblock as a society. In a society all are dependent on each other, today that person may be lying on the road, tomorrow it could be you or a loved one, you cherish.

And of course, nobody is to blame for this. These are all ill effect of the modern lifestyle. The gadgets around us are casting this effect on us, making us our own world. We don’t need anybody but ourselves in our world, the result, and self-obsession.  I am too good, or I am too fat. Self-obsession may be on the good part about you even on the negative aspects about you. But it’s all about you, and that’s what is inherently an issue. We need to put ourselves in SOS mode, and get into action now. Start with small gestures, to instill the basic human values.

Let’s start with respecting and following our parents’ wills, that is our duty, as without them, we wouldn’t have been here and they everything possible, fulfill our needs. In fact your parents, apart from looking after you on the physical front, even do much for you, through their blessings. Their blessings act as a protective guard for you, against any danger, that lies ahead. Their blessings act as positive vibes, bringing in good luck, and sometimes, you are bound to fail, as part of your karma, but their blessings can reverse the whole scenario. So never take your parents for granted, they are your biggest blessing by God.

As a second step respect elders in the house, wake up and greet them, even touching their feet, will help you, to keeping your ego in checks. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has started this wonderful tradition of touching feet of elders, every elders and respectable person you see around, and truly care and respect, why not touch their feet. As, is taught by our culture.  The idea is when you bow down you are ideally lifting your soul and putting your ego down. So it definitely brings in more empathy, love and compassion in you and you will start to accept the extended family and slowly the world will be our family.

Apart from parents, respect every one, irrespective of age. Take them as fellow souls, who inhabit the planet with you and who are bestowed with special qualities by God, and as God’s children too, everyone commands respect. Especially the ones, who are older to us as age really has little to do with it. The whole idea of respect works as we do not get to know, if someone needs our respect or not, unless we walk in their shoes and this whole exercise makes us more compassionate. If, there were no respect and care for elders, the society would decay.

As a third step, acknowledge our elders’ love and care towards us some of these are: Spending good time with the elders: It is very important to spare out some time to visit the elders and spend some time with them. And asking for advice: seniors have contributed towards society with their life long experience they can be value to us too, however ever times may change. Remember, our elders deserve each ounce of respect from us. Baba Ram Rahim’s unique tradition has made his followers see God in everyone, as they go and touch feet of strangers, too, apart from just Ashram Folks. And in turn, adopt the goodness in them. Beautiful gesture, I would say, just as our sacred texts preach. They are much more compassionate and beautiful human beings, thanks to their Master, Baba Ram Rahim, who always put others before them and we need to learn this, to come out of our self-obsession mode. Knowing a couple of these followers now, has given me a new perspective towards life.

Respecting the elders is one of the best qualities, which speak oodles about the person, you are and this will slowly help you in reaching out to the world! Humans have a beautiful quality of collaborating and looking out for each other. Self-obsession is taking away this beautiful human element that your have. Let us come together and take a pledge to never disrespect anyone, acknowledge everyone and build a beautiful family, with the world out there.

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