KeyPress Publishing, a division of ABA Technologies, Inc., has launched the Self- & Time-Management Planner with author Shauna V. Costello, MA, BCBA

MELBOURNE, FL, September 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — KeyPress Publishing, a division of ABA Technologies, Inc., has launched the Self- & Time-Management Planner with author Shauna V. Costello, MA, BCBA.

Self- and time-management can challenge us all, both in our professional and personal lives. The newly released Self- & Time-Management Planner: Behavioral Tools That Get Stuff Done provides the apparatus to effectively tackle such challenges as well as strategies that offer enhanced life balance and productivity. Author Costello applies the science of behavior in the building of this essential planning toolkit, in addition to the methods she has found to be successful in her own life. Indeed, Costello is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® and co-author of the time management book Manage Your Time Like It’s All You’ve Got!

Costello writes in this must-have planner: “This is not about creating time- and self-management clones of myself. Do not do it like me; do it like you! Our time, energy, goals, and values are not the same. Find what works best for you and always be ready to tweak and update your processes for whatever life will throw at you.”

Self- and time-management are not about comparing yourself to others. Self- and time-management are about discovering your values and priorities and ensuring you can make time for yourself, your family and friends, outside of work and school. They are about setting personal and attainable goals while using data to change your behavior.

One size does not fit all. It would be easy to skip the introduction and just start using the planner, but that is not the inspiration behind this publication. Through self-reflection and an I Do, We Do, You Do method you can find the simplest way for you to prioritize what is important in your life. The Self- & Time-Management Planner offers the framework to achieve this goal.


Self- & Time-Management Planner by Shauna V. Costello, MA, BCBA
KeyPress Publishing
Coil Binding; September 26, 2023
ISBN: 9798988654810
$28.49; 8.5 x 11; 191 pages

Praise for Author Shauna V. Costello
“Shauna Costello is a direct, clear, and open person who invites you in to see her as she is. She is a feisty time manager. So much of what she writes about is her determination to surround herself and those who depend on her with all the tools she can to keep moving forward while living life as she knows best for her. She emphasizes our uniqueness, that we are not the same, and therefore how we manage the conditions that surround us will be different. She celebrates diversity. She says, early on, ‘Don’t do it like me; do it like you! . . . whatever life will throw at you.’ There is no cookie-cutter approach from this wonderful human being.” –Darnell Lattal, PhD

About the Author
Shauna V. Costello received her BS and MA in the science of human behavior from Western Michigan University where she first discovered her passion for self- & time-management. She has taken this passion into her work as a performance and project manager and has been training her supervisees in these practices for over 7 years. Using the foundations of the science of human behavior and life experience, she has learned to prioritize her values and needs. This understanding enabled her to go back to school while working full-time, to complete her Master of Public Policy graduate degree at Michigan State University. Adjusting to constant change, she is now on to her next adventure of motherhood and relearning the meaning of self- and time-management. Find her on LinkedIn.

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