Wireless power transfer scheduling system improves home user experience with the facility to prioritize energy distribution

HONG KONG, January 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wireless power transfer (WPT) innovator, Lectrfi Limited, has demonstrated the capability of their newly improved home user WPT system with the integration of a scheduling system that allows the user to efficiently transfer energy to electronic devices in order of priority.

In pursuit of standardizing their established intellectual property, Lectri Limited works in collaboration with leading manufacturers of home appliances as part of a program tasked to accelerate the possibilities involved with smart home applications.

With this latest development, a central control unit connects the energy consumption requirements of multiple home appliances before distributing energy flow based on a ‘priority by consumption’ system. Users are able to schedule energy flows as and when a device requests additional flow during periods of extended consumption, or when a device activates from a dormant state.

“We have taken our original system and drastically improved many aspects that were preventing users from taking total control of their energy distribution preferences. Improving on the way devices request energy flows during different times of the day and during intensive periods of consumption is a huge advantage as users look to maximize the efficiency of their energy use,” commented Lectrifi Limited Chief Technology Officer.

“As a two way system, devices and applications are able to talk to a central distribution unit that processes data around a predetermined schedule program, controlled entirely on the preferences of the user. An example of this would ensure that a washing machine, during it’s cycle, would be provided with a sufficient flow of energy over that of a home entertainment system.”

“Likewise, as soon as an electric vehicle parks in the garage, energy flow is allocated and efficiently directed to ensure that the EV receives a full charge before Mr. Smith sets off for the office again the next day. In this case, the ‘Smart’ in smart home really is taken to a completely different level.”

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