If you are visiting Lombok, one of the best islands that you can visit in Indonesia, spending few days will not be enough. That is because this island offers you a lot of beauties that you will never want to miss. As the result, many people who visited this island usually spend at least four to five days to stay on this island. Even though this island is not that big, but four to five days are a perfect duration to travel to this island and enjoy all of the beauties of this island. If you are planning to do so, you will need to have a place to stay and if you want to stay in the best hotels that will give you the best travel experience, then these are some of the best hotels that you can visit.

  • The first hotel where you can enjoy your stay on this island is the Oberoi. Just by hearing the name, you can simply conclude that this hotel will offer you the uniqueness that you might have never found before. There are so many things that this hotel offers to all of the guests, starting from the delicious food, natural view, and the humble services from all of the staffs. There is just nothing that you need more than this hotel.
  • The next one that you can simply try in this island is Hotel Tugu. This is the one where you have to stay if you are looking for one of the best beach views on this island. That is because this hotel is one of the best hotels in Lombok that offers you the nice beach view like none else. As an addition to that, the facilities and the services that you can get from this hotel are also considered as the best that you can get.
  • The last one is Qunci Villas. This one is the last hotel that you can simply consider if you are going to stay on this island for few days. For your consideration, this hotel is a little bit similar with Hotel Tugu, but this hotel offers you the more quiet environment. This is the kind of hotel where you have to stay if you prefer someplace a little bit quiet to rest during your busy travel holiday on this island.

Those are some of the best hotels in Lombok where you can simply spend your days while you are visiting this island. For your information, all of those hotels are considered as the best of the best where you can stay. Because of that reason, the room rate of the hotel might be a little bit above the average, around 250 dollars or more a night. Even though, you can make sure that spending your money for the days on the hotel with your family will be worth your travel vacation on this island. Therefore, do not be afraid to spend some of your money on one of those hotels mentioned above.