Marge Dawson was picked from a large field of authors. Her non- fiction book, filled with photographs, will appeal to anyone who loves pearls or is interested in learning more about pearl farms.

WILMINGTON, NC, December 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bronze award winning author Marge Dawson has been named as a finalist in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ Book Awards contest. Dawson was chosen from a field of authors through a public voting process. ‘Pearls of Creation A-Z of Pearls’ is a 330 Page, fantastic resource for readers of all ages including librarians, scholars, jewelers, gemologists and others.

A Bronze Award, in the category of Nature Conservation, ‘Green Living’, was presented to Dawson by the Jenkins Group in Traverse City, MI. USA in 2014.

“Getting this far in your great competition is thrilling to me at 83,” Dawson stated. “But I will not take all the credit, as I could not have nearly reached the winning post without the 7 pearl farmers, three of whom I had the privilege of visiting. All supplied their own story/history and lovely pictures.”

“Another reason I am still aiming to win is that I have another project waiting to launch, which I believe will be a great success; a documentary which will compliment my book is based on the ‘Waters of the World’ and the life therein – oysters, mussels, abalone etc, natural and cultured pearls. That will encompass the rivers and oceans including the pollution problems, red tide, etc. in other words Nature Conservation, ‘green living’, as I have a Bronze Award in that Category.”

‘Pearls of Creation’ covers God’s creation of marine life, nature conservation, hatcheries, antiques, collectables, diving, how to tell real pearls from fake pearls and many other subjects, including caring for pearls. The little published history of William Saville-Kent, the ‘Pearly Kings and Queens’ of England and new information on cave pearls in New Mexico can all be found in this book.

Included also is the fascinating history, dedication and passion with which 7 incredible, World renowned Award Winning, pearl farmers have established their own very successful farms over many years, all cultivating a variety of vastly different, beautiful natural colored pearls in Fiji, Micronesia, Paspaley in Australia, Jewelmer in Philippines, Eyris Mabe’ in New Zealand, freshwater pearls in Nashville, Tennessee, Conch pearls – the professors at the Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University are successfully cultivating the Conch Pearls.

‘Pearls of Creation’ is an easy to read tribute to God’s incredible environment, with many color photos.

The A-Z section of the book is arranged alphabetically and fully cross-referenced. It includes information on Abalone, Akoya, American Pearls, Appraising, Australian, Baroque, Biwa, Blister, Blue Pearls, Chinese Pearls, Color, Coral Reefs, Costume Jewelry, Cultured, Eyris Blue Pearl Co, Fiji Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Grafting, Half-pearls, Harvest season, Imitation Pearls, Japanese Pearls, Jewelmer Pearls, Jewelry, Keshi, Luster/orient, Mabe, Micronesia Pearls, Mollusks, Mother-of-Pearl, Nacre, Natural Pearls, Necklaces, New Zealand Pearls, Paspaley Pearls, Pearl Divers, Pearl Farms, “Pearlies”, Pearls in the Bible, Philippines, Quality, Shapes, Size, South Sea, Stress, Tahitian Pearls, Cross-Referenced from Abalone to Zooplankton, and more.

‘Pearls of Creation’ has received very favorable reviews from readers. One said, “I would recommend this book, not only for pearl lovers, but for anyone interested in the beauty of nature. This book makes a great gift too as the quality is fantastic.” Another stated, “With the holidays around the corner it was great to find this book on Pearls, I now have a few names checked off my shopping list. The book arrived in good time and is going to make a great holiday gift.”

Members of the public who want to vote for Marge Dawson in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’, Book Awards, can access her entry and vote at Marge is available for media interviews, by e-mail at [email protected]. ‘Pearls of Creation’ books are available at, in print and e-Book. More information is available at

Marge Dawson was born in Durban, South Africa, and has always loved the sea. Her passion for pearls originated in 1980 when she owned a franchise for “Pearls in the Oyster”. Over a period of 3 years she opened hundreds of Akoya oysters from Japan, containing the most beautiful variety pearls. The customer would choose an oyster Marge would open it, drill the pearl and set them onto rings, earrings or pendants of the customer’s choice, straight away, great fun way of shopping.

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