Chicago, IL, September 28, 2017 –(– MemoryWeb made its genealogy industry debut by exhibiting at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) annual conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, August 30-September 2, 2017.

Just prior to the conference, MemoryWeb released a new set of features to help families connect past, present, and future generations of photos from one place (see announcement).

The FGS annual conference draws genealogists and family historians from the US and other areas of the world who are interested in strengthening their research skills. Conference sessions are taught by industry experts, with special days focused on society management and the library science behind family history research. The conference also has an exhibit hall showcasing regional societies and vendors with products/services useful to genealogists.

2017 booths included businesses and organizations such as American Ancestors, Ancestry, Daughters of the American Revolution, FamilySearch, Family Tree Maker, My Heritage, RootsFinder, and MemoryWeb.

At MemoryWeb’s booth, the three founders (husband/wife Christopher and Nancy Desmond and their long-time entrepreneurial cohort, L. Michael Taylor) spoke with attendees about the particular challenges they’ve had in managing family photos and details. The team explained how MemoryWeb could help solve unmet archiving and sharing needs, especially with the recent release of the new feature set that can permanently connect the dots for all photos and generations.

As the founders gave demos of the app to booth visitors, attendees remarked that many features and capabilities clearly differentiated MemoryWeb from other photo apps, including:

1. Connecting to generations of family and photos (current and historic) in one interactive place
2. Exploring family relationships, memories and overlaps between past/present generations through smart links called dot-tagsTM
3. Saving work by importing and utilizing previously-saved tags from places such as FamilySearch and Facebook
4. Adding/editing tags from historical, scanned photos
5. Tagging digitized records such as birth certificates with a date, location, and person
6. Sharing photos with tags on the picture (chosen by user), thus ensuring that context travels with images posted to places such as Ancestry, FamilySearch or Facebook groups
7. Exporting all photos with people, location, date, album and caption tags embedded in the image file so “back-of-the-photo” details are preserved with the picture, portable to other systems and available for future generations

FGS conference attendees had much to say about MemoryWeb:

Dallan Quass, President of RootsFinder, stated, “Our industry has seen so many solutions for preserving family photos and details that newcomers are nearly all dismissed as YASAPA (yet another story and photo application). Quass continues, “I was fully prepared to count MemoryWeb among those apps with nothing unique or important to offer the genealogy community. I was happily surprised to see that MemoryWeb is the answer to so many of our needs.”

Angela Rodesky of ARodesky Genealogy stopped by MemoryWeb’s booth to interview Christopher Desmond, one of the company’s three founders. In her vlog, Rodesky exclaims: “The fact that you can save information on who, what, when, where and post it to your family tree like that? Best thing ever!”

Diane Barberio from ORIGINS unveiled stated, “MemoryWeb is moving the genealogical market into the future by merging the old photos we all have in our attic with our cell phone photos. This documents our full family history while preserving the images together in one place.”

Co-Founder Chris Desmond stated on behalf of the company and his co-founders, “We believe that context should always travel with a photo, in every direction. Otherwise, we’ve traded one shoebox for another. Our users love how portable their tags are – within or on top of their photos. So the next time they research a great photo or family record, they don’t have to worry that the date, location, people and caption will be stripped out when they post it somewhere like a family Facebook group.”

MemoryWeb will make its next event appearance at RootsTech 2018 which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 27- March 3, 2018. RootsTech is a global family history event where people of all ages learn to discover, share and celebrate their family connections across generations through technology. The company will have a booth in the exhibit hall and founder Mike Taylor will be presenting on the critical need for metadata portability.

About MemoryWeb
Founded by three Chicago-based entrepreneurs with a track record of start-up success, MemoryWeb brings generations of photos into one organized place, creates interactive connections between them and preserves “back-of-the-photo” details forever.

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