Obsidian Dolls is an existential drama about a young Jewish man who asks a Rabbi’s blessing for his suicide.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Obsidian Dolls, Michael Carnick’s newest film, will be getting a multiplatform release via Conduit Presents, the distribution division of Conduit Now. Michael Carnick started his career on a high note, becoming the first undergrad student to win the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award and selling the finished film to Netflix. After a strong start, Carnick is keeping the momentum going with his new movie, Obsidian Dolls. The movie is an existential drama about a young Jewish man who asks a Rabbi’s blessing for his suicide and is set to release in early 2021. To view the trailer, click here.

The film’s stars are Sammi Rotibi, which audiences have seen in everything from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Django Unchained, and John Berchtold from Discovery Channel’s Manhunt and Crypt TV’s The Look-See. The movie is about a young man struggling with mental health and identity issues, who feels wholly disconnected from his faith and left out by God. While grieving his Father’s death, he meets an Ethiopian Rabbi who presents a whole new perspective on Judaism. They bond over past traumas and help each other move forward, finding out they have much more in common than they ever expected.

Obsidian Dolls was mainly shot on location for five weeks in San Diego at the Congregation Beth Israel. However, shooting could only occur at night, which pushed the cast and crew to exhausting limits. The film’s editor, Fernanda Schein, saw the project from beginning to end. She worked from sundown to sun up on set, cutting scenes on the go to make sure they worked. By the end of the shoot, Schein had more than half of the movie already assembled. She mentioned that “starting the edit on set was amazing. It made our post-production much smoother and let me focus on a very detailed oriented process.”

“Working alongside Fernanda Schein on Obsidian Dolls was a pleasure. She’s edited several projects of mine. She is professional, technically and artistically minded, and expedient. Fernanda is also very supportive of the collaborative process. She respects others’ visions while unafraid of sharing her own opinions, which turns the process into a cohesive, organic experience. Not only is Fernanda talented, but she is also kind and respectful, which is becoming a rare commodity.” – Michael Carnick.

For more information about Obsidian Dolls and its release follow their IMDB page here.

Fernanda is a challenge seeker and a continual optimist. She believes a movie is written three times: on the script, on set, and in the editing room. She loves partnering with other creatives, even virtually, to find the best way to tell a story. To know more about Fernanda you can visit her website.

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