Artist veteran Phyllis Thomas Miller to present the “Healing Arts” at the Library of Congress’s veteran empowerment event, “From Conflict to Creativity.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Artist veteran Phyllis Thomas Miller to present the “Healing Arts” at the Library of Congress’s veteran empowerment event, “From Conflict to Creativity.” The artist, a California native, will demonstrate the essential tools and application of the “Healing Arts” before an audience at the Library of Congress, a venue of diverse interpretations of art and the veteran community. This event continues the mission of her many years of serving her fellow veterans through art.

Veteran and independent artist Phyllis Thomas Miller will be among a select few veteran artisans to showcase and demonstrate the therapeutic arts and its benefits at The Library of Congress, Washington DC, June 28 to July 1, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

The veteran exhibit showcase, “From Conflict to Creativity,” is a free event. RSVP to the first-ever art national venue where fellow veteran artisans demonstrate the importance of therapeutic art at the Library of Congress. The event will be archived as a national and historical event.

Visitors to the booth of Phyllis Thomas Miller will receive an empowering experience, meet the artist, and discover the meaning of creating within a therapeutic realm. Phyllis will wear her famous patriotic artwork “The Price of Freedom” on her T-Shirt and hand-painted combat boots. She will tell the story of how the process came to a reality of transitioning from the military through art.

Phyllis will have on exhibit “Water is Life,” a 36-inch x48 inch canvas wrap painting from her art series, “Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations,” a visual tribute to nature and its grace.

“During these troubled times, art is ideal for exploring the avenue of creating a sense of calm and tranquility by using paint and brushes, along with everyday items.”

Art Therapy is a means to empower the user as an avenue to minimize the issues of stress, anxieties, and P.T.S.D. Phyllis Thomas Miller was inspired to host throughout the veteran community her therapeutic art sessions, and now to demonstrate the creative process at the Library of Congress is an honor.

AnnMarie Halterman, Founder of the veteran art organization “Uniting U.S through a collaborative venture with The Library of Congress.,” invited Phyllis to participate in the event due to Phyllis’s art activities within the veteran community.

“The veteran artist offers art to open the eyes of fellow veterans and to invite them to see themselves as creating for the therapeutic benefits.”

Phyllis’s patriotic reproduction creation, “The Price of Freedom,” is on exhibit at the Dulles International Airport, Aero Train C Section Concourse.”

“As an artist, woman-veteran-owned art business, I appreciate that my art ignites a reaction for reflection and thought. I am known for my “Paint & Snack” therapeutic art sessions serving the veteran community through the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center.

For more info on Phyllis Thomas Miller and her art agenda to empower, go to her website gallery:

Media Contact

Reach veteran/artist Phyllis Thomas Miller directly at (818) 480-0701 and coordinate an interview at her artist booth at the Library of Congress from June 28 to July 1rst. To email the artist [email protected]. Fax:(866)426-6077

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About Meroegallery L.L.C.
Meroe Gallery’s mission is to empower through art. Meroe gallery’s motto is “To Evoke the Senses. “Since 2009, Meroegallery has served the veteran community and the commercial art market.

The Founder and creator behind “Meroegallery, Phyllis Thomas Miller, has two primary missions: to support the veterans’ community with therapeutic art sessions at no cost to fellow veterans and to serve the commercial art/ business market with unique art for the interiors.

Phyllis’s art series has been published and featured in magazines and on exhibit throughout the nation, the most recent, The Women’s Military Memorial Cemetery Arlington, Virginia, and the Dulles International Airport.

Images: “The Price of Freedom,” by artist Phyllis Thomas, from her patriotic art series. “Boots in Transition,” by artist Phyllis Thomas Miller. Hand-painted art on combat boots. A flyer posted within the Hospital walls at the West Los Angeles VA, Building 500

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