Sears-Gay receives $1,000 for personal use and $1,000 to donate to her charity of choice alongside other “Sheroes.”

PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In April 2023, WDAS hosted the annual Women of Excellence Luncheon, where the community honored local “sheroes.” These “sheroes” have supported groups in Philadelphia and beyond by exemplifying positive leadership and community care.

Spear Greenfield was proud to celebrate everyone recognized at the Luncheon, particularly Lenore Sears-Gay. Sears-Gay has worked as a home care nurse for over 40 years and spearheads Lenore’s Loving Care. She serves as a foster parent for children in need throughout Philadelphia.

“Back in 2004, there was a child that literally starved to death who had cerebral palsy, and she was in the care, I believe, of a foster parent. And it broke my heart,” Sears-Gay shared with Newsradio KYW in February 2023.

Sears-Gay translated that experience with in-need families into a monumental effort to support and care for foster children. Spear Greenfield took the time to recognize Sears-Gay’s efforts with two checks valued at $1,000 each. Spear Greenfield wants Sears-Gay to consider one of the checks to be a thank you for her efforts and the other to serve her chosen charity.

Despite her recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Sears-Gay has continued her life-changing efforts within and around Philadelphia. Doctors predict that she will be confined to a wheelchair in the future, but she continues to walk and work with medical professionals to address her diagnosis.

Spear Greenfield shared its celebration of Sears-Gay’s works on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The firm’s Women of Excellence Luncheon footage shows Patti Jackson introducing Sears-Gay to a room of applauding peers. The Luncheon recognizes Sears-Gay alongside Veronica Joyner, Eleanor Jean Hendley, and Desiree Tillman-Langford.

Spear Greenfield once again applauds Sears-Gay’s efforts to help foster children feel loved and safe under her care. The team looks forward to seeing how Sears-Gay’s efforts continue to transform Philadelphia and the surrounding communities in the months and years to come.

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