Rich Lamphere known as a thought leader is a monthly donor for a Christian-Based Prison Fellowship.

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Richard Lamphere, also known as Rich Lamphere, a builder and real estate developer in Los Angeles, California, has thrived after being incarcerated from 2017 to 2019, for crimes he was falsely accused of and convicted of. Since his release, Rich has had the opportunity for great success in the construction and development industries, due to key people who he has worked with for many years, and who always believed in him and his abilities. Rich also gives his time and resources to multiple worthy organizations. Prison Fellowship is one organization Rich is actively involved in as a mentor, speaker, and monthly donor.

Prison Fellowship’s aim is to give hope and inspiration to incarcerated men and women and help make communities safer and healthier by restoring hope and life purpose to those affected by crime and incarceration. There are various ways to be part of a Prison Fellowship, from simple donations, joining a prayer team, or being directly involved with the prisoners through volunteer work.

After going through his own personal challenges, Rich Lamphere now understands that serving time is a life-changing experience, and he is committed to empowering incarcerated men and women to undergo their own personal transformation.

Through various in-prison programs, Prison Fellowship partners with individuals, and trains them to share their passion to make a difference in the lives of prisoners, their families, and their communities.

In 2021, CNN estimated that nearly 70 million Americans had a criminal record, and that number could have increased to 100 million in 2023. Having experienced it himself, Rich Lamphere recognizes the challenges returning citizens face as they reintegrate into society. He now works to spread awareness regarding the barriers faced by those with criminal records.

By collaborating with Prison Fellowship, individuals and organizations can become equipped to use their voices to give back returning citizens’ dignity and potential. Through developing relationships with lawmakers, hosting events, utilizing social media, and executing other advocacy strategies, housing, employment, and education can be unlocked for those with a criminal record.

Once part of the system, Rich Lamphere now joins grassroots networks seeking justice reforms that advance proportional punishment, constructive corrections culture, and second chances for those with a criminal record. In doing so, Rich plays his part in nurturing a future that recognizes the value and potential of each individual.

Another way to give back is by joining Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program, where children with incarcerated parents are supported while their loved ones are away. In partnership with local churches and organizations, these children can receive Christmas gifts and experience Christ-centered camps, reminding them that they’re loved. More importantly, they are connected to other children in the same situation, fostering a network of support.

As a family man himself, Rich Lamphere knows that a parent doesn’t go to prison alone; their family is affected as well, especially the children. Since Rich has been out, he has worked diligently to help break the cycle of resentment and misunderstanding that goes along with crime and incarceration, doing his best to make whole what bars have broken.

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