SCD secures new programs and customers for Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) applications

LESHEM, ISRAEL, January 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) – a global leader in the development and manufacture of a wide range of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and high-power laser diodes ‒ has announced an increase in demand specifically in its commercial and industrial business in FY 2020. As well as delivering detectors to existing OGI customers, SCD received new orders for substantial deliveries in 2021, and signed a contract with a new OGI customer.

The company’s detectors are now deployed in various commercial and industrial applications, including OGI, thermographic applications, Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), commercial space applications, scientific cameras, and more. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized the use of infrared (IR) imaging cameras as a leak-detection tool, enabling implementation of IR-based OGI applications to play a significant role in the detection of petrochemical gases (mostly methane) and greenhouse gases, like SF6. SCD detectors (cooled and uncooled) are found today in different OGI cameras worldwide. Leveraging its advanced HOT technology, SCD enables unique IR detectors for this market, with proven added value for low SWaP-C requirements, in an affordable, highly-reliable hand-held solution suitable for various applications, including OGI and surveillance.

“Despite the Corona pandemic affecting our lives in 2020, it has been another great year for our commercial and industrial business, with an all-time high in sales and bookings in FY 2020 for various market segments,” says Fabian Schapiro, VP of the Commercial and Industrial Business Unit. “Having established our dedicated Commercial and Industrial Applications Business Unit in 2018, we’re excited with the influx of new programs, products and customers for these markets.

Applications like OGI, scientific cameras, and commercial space applications are just a few examples of what IR technologies can do to improve our lives, and enable a better world. We are proud to actively participate in these programs, and expect that the commercial and industrial applications of SCD’s infrared sensors will continue to grow and become an even more significant part of our activities.”

Among its new projects in 2020, SCD delivered a unique SWIR sensor to the Institute for Solar Physics at Stockholm University in Sweden to be installed in the Swedish Solar Telescope on the Spanish island of La Palma. Space and new space have also been a focus, with the company’s InGaAs cooled and uncooled sensors selected for various satellite cameras in diverse applications, such as meteorological studies, fire detection, star trackers and docking sensors. SCD’s newly introduced Crane sensor with 5 Mega pixel/5 µm pitch, was selected by one of SCD’s customers for implementation in an advanced industrial application thermographic camera.

About Semi Conductor Devices (SCD)
Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) develops and manufactures a full spectrum of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and laser diodes. The company’s advanced concepts and cutting-edge technologies have positioned it as one of the world’s leading sources of IR detectors. The close relationship between SCD and well-established systems houses around the world ensures that SCD’s detectors are produced in accordance with the latest requirements. SCD offers a complete range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed detectors and laser diodes in various configurations. These are typically applied in IR seekers, thermal imagers, smart munitions, night vision systems, machine vision systems, medical applications, laser rangefinders and laser designators. SCD’s detectors are designed for the entire IR spectrum – NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR.

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