National Steps Challenge Skytech Creations HPB steps tracker with WBD101 Mogo Technology

HONG KONG, December 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has come up with a solution to keep healthcare in Singapore both good and affordable into the future. It calls it the “3 Beyonds” that include: “Beyond Healthcare to Health” where it believes that a healthier nation requires less of a healthcare system. As part of this initiative, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) under the MOH recently launched the National Steps Challenge Season 3, which is a physical activity initiative to encourage Singapore residents to be more physically active every day, anytime and anywhere.

Skytech Creations is proud to be one of the major supplier of the National Steps Challenge HPB steps tracker used in this nationwide healthcare effort. The Skytech HPB tracker has been developed in conjunction with WBD101 to include features such as Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) detection, inactivity tracking and of course the step tracking. According to Harvard School of Public Health, brisk walk at 4mph is classified as moderate activity while jogging at 6mph is classified as vigorous activity, and vigorous-intensity activities burn more calories. In addition, according to the American Diabetes Association, regular activity is a key part of managing diabetes along with proper meal planning, taking medications as prescribed, and stress management. When one is active, one’s cells become more sensitive to insulin so it can work more efficiently, and those cells also remove glucose from the blood using a mechanism totally separate from insulin during exercise.

“Skytech is an experienced Hong Kong OEM with China based factory, over the years we have been providing consumer electronics products to some of the world’s biggest brands and channels by instilling Hong Kong quality and reliability systems in our China factory,” says Jimmy Chung, Managing Director of Skytech Creations. “We are also investing heavily into the healthcare segment by partnering with well-known companies in the healthcare space like WBD101 in order to provide highly accurate wearable devices to healthcare customers like HPB and other insurance companies.”

“We are very happy to support Skytech’s HPB steps tracker with our Mogo technology which is also used in various Tier 1 branded sports earphones such as from JBL and Pioneer. The market for step trackers is growing beyond the consumer segment to the healthcare segment, with increased accuracy such as from our Mogo technology, better analytics can be deduced by the application to provide better and consistent feedback to the users,” says Kow Ping, CEO of WBD101.

About Skytech Creations
Established in 2003, Skytech Creations Limited is an ISO and MFI approved manufacturer and Solution Company devoted to bringing you the best Consumer Electronic products and accessories possible.

Our factory is located in Dongguang, China with around 250 workers. Our products have a diverse range comprising Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Headset, Automotive Steering Wheel Control Interface, Cassette Adapter, Bluetooth Cassette Adapter, FM Transmitter, Smart Fitness Tracker, targeting from consumer markets to healthcare markets.

We utilize the professional mechanical, electronic and production engineers, R&D staff and quality controllers to ensure all levels of production are performed at peak levels and at optimum efficiency. Our culture and methodology are the special ingredients that fuel our approach to innovation and design, combining human and technical factors to bring fun ideas to realization, and as a result, enriching the experience. Our principle is to strive meticulously and conform perfectly to the ISO9001 Quality Standard and as a result, offer world-class service at the most competitive price.

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About WBD101
Founded in 2012, Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company whose first patents are dated back to 2008, incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) it has offices in HKSTP and Shenzhen so as to provide very timely support to B2B customers during their designs, tests and production stages. WBD101 focuses on very sophisticated SmartBody Sensing Technology. Besides ActivHearts, it has highly accurate motion sensing technology (Mogo). Over the years, WBD101 won numerous international awards including the Best Wearable Mobile Tech Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2016, Special & Gold Awards at the 43rd Geneva Inventions Conventions and 2016 WITSA Global ICT Award.

WBD101 will also be at #CES2018, Sands Expo, Booth 45452.

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