Cornwithslime never runs out of fantastic slime offers! Based on different exciting themes, there are unique slimes for you to pick from.

OXNARD, CA, August 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cornwithslime is a renowned company that produces, markets, and distributes different slime themes. Although their prices are affordable, their slimes are usually of high quality.

From their popular slime box to various slime themes, Cornwithslime has many options for lovers.

These slimes are the latest offers in this period. A large flock of satisfied buyers testify to their approval after buying the slimes; their website has several reviews.

The Summer Sunset slime has a soft and clammy cloud texture that is soft and makes amazing drizzles! This slime smells like summer, with its orange sherbet and ice-cold mangoes. It has a flower charm, a sprinkle mix, and a cloud charm. The 8 oz slime is beginner-friendly, so if you’re not familiar with slimes yet, it’s perfect. The Summer Sunset costs $17.99.

The Firefly Sky slime is a super stretchy slime with a clear foam texture and incredible bubble pops. This slime smells like vanilla and black raspberry. It comes with a sprinkle mix and a firefly charm. You can make it glow in the dark by activating it with direct light for about 10 minutes. The 8 oz slime requires advanced-level skills. The Firefly Sky costs $16.99 only.

The Alien Freeze slime is a soft slime that has an icy texture. It smells incredible, precisely like a blueberry raspberry slushie and lime. It comes with a Toy Story charm, star Fimos, alien charm, and alien Fimos. This beginner-level slime is the perfect slime for kids, especially if they love alien fantasies. The 8 oz Alien Freeze slime costs just $17.99.

For orders over $50, you can pay in up to four installments without any interest.

Every slime order comes with instructions and a slime care kit (with borax). Also, every order of six or more slimes comes with a jumbo-sized candy, CornWithSlime tattoo, squishy, or CornWithSlime wristband.

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