Now not only the married people wear rings, girls of different ages wear rings, wearing rings has become a popular trend, but also a fashion.

PHOENIX, AZ, June 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Now not only the married people wear rings, girls of different ages wear rings, wearing rings has become a popular trend, but also a fashion. A small, glittering ring can instantly enhance personal charm and temperament by pairing it with clothes and hairstyles, giving a bright, sparkling and stunning look.

I. Ring wearing method and meaning

Girls ring wearing method in different areas have different meanings, the international popular wearing method is: the ring on the index finger said unmarried, this time you can launch the pursuit if you like her; Middle finger means already in love; The ring finger indicates being engaged or married; The little finger means single and has no intention of getting married. Of course, a lot of girls are wearing a ring just because they like, and won’t notice the meaning, make adornment ornament only. Women can wear it on any finger you want, no strings attached. Decorative rings are what we usually buy and play with as a daily match. There are many styles and the price is very cheap.

II. Classification of rings

1. According to the material, it can be divided into: 925 silver ring, tungsten steel ring, titanium steel ring, stainless steel ring, alloy ring, pure gold ring, K gold ring, platinum ring, pearl ring, jade ring, diamond ring and so on.

2. According to the usage, it can be divided into: decorative ring, lovers’ ring, wedding ring, engagement ring (proposal ring).

3. According to the style is divided into: plain ring ring (smooth ring), engraved ring, flower ring, Mosaic ring, geometric line ring and so on.

4. From the wearer, it can be divided into men’s rings and women’s rings.

III. Ring size
We can use a string, strip, or string to measure the size of the hand we want to wear the ring on. Measure the base of the finger and the joint of the finger, and take the longest length. In addition to buying rings according to the circumference of the finger, you can also measure the inner ring diameter of the existing ring. If you buy according to the inner ring diameter, the error can be smaller.

IV. Fashionable and good-looking ring brand recommendation

1. Pandora
Why we love it: Pandora has been designing and creating its much-loved charms since 2000. Each exquisite string has its own meaning, sometimes given by the designer, but more meaning from each person wearing and loving it.

Why we love it: Crystal famous brand, the world’s top ten jewelry brand, founded in 1895 in Austria, the world’s top luxury representative, the world’s leading crystal industry brand, the world’s leading crystal manufacturer, known for high quality, dazzling and highly accurate crystal.

Why we love it: Affordable and versatile, Nuncad offers a beautiful range of different color schemes, from silver and blue to black and rose gold, as well as lots of fun patterns for a great value.Women can always find a ring that suits them and men can always find a ring to express their love to their girlfriend or wife. It is a fashion jewelry brand.

Why we love it: Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group Co., LTD., founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, is a famous jewelry brand in Mainland China and Hong Kong, a special distributor of British diamond trading Company, and a special diamond distributor of Rio Tinto Diamond Company. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating raw material procurement, production design and retail services.

5. APM Monaco
Why we love it: APM Monaco jewelry is modern and elegant, inspired by Monaco and the relaxed and happy attitude of Southern France.

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