Snag the highest level of 207 Purr NFTs and breed them bigger in the PurrVerse

KOLKATA, INDIA, June 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — PURR Safe Club has launched a collection of 207 Purr Safe Founders Club NFTs built on the Polygon blockchain. PURR NFTs will provide access to their own metaverse “The Purrverse”, knowledge sharing platforms, exciting P2E games, and NFT Marketplaces, solely available to PURR subscribers. The community can access future regions and bonuses by activating the roadmap.

The PURR team uses their DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to ensure that all of their choices are fair and transparent. The core staff and DAO members will work closely together to ensure that our PURRVERSE continues to expand in the correct direction.

Purr Safe Club will create a robust digital community where PURR NFT owners will be a part of a Metaverse revolution. Members will have access to exclusive information from smart entrepreneurs and investors regarding NFTs, Crypto, Ecommerce, Investing, Crypto Gaming, and Metaverse. PURR holders will be able to attend both online and offline meetings to learn more about their own Metaverse, the PURRVERSE.

When the PURR collection is sold out, 100 PUD (Purr Safe Founder’s Club DAO NFTs) will be made available to PURR owners. There will be a bidding process, and the winners will receive these Purr Safe DAO NFTs exclusively. The governing body of our PURRVERSE shall be the PUD owners. In the PURRVERSE, the PUD owners will vote on crucial issues such as hiring developers, marketing budgets, audits, and other important considerations.

The team plans to issue a utility token called $PUR on all major DEXs and CEXs in the near future, and users will be able to trade it. In the PURRVERSE, $PUR will be utilised as an in-game token. All PUS holders will receive a 1000 $PUR drop on the day of its release.

Moreover, 5000 breeding female cats (PUSS) will be released, and these cats will breed with PURRs to produce kittens (KITS). In the game, a player can use KITS to dig for a $PUR token. After each breed, a user may get 2-9 KITS. The KITS’ level will be determined by the PURR’s level, as every PUSS will be of the same level.

Besides that, the PURR team will create and launch an NFT Marketplace that will allow artists, designers, and minters to submit NFTs to multiple Blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. PUS holders will get 10% of the platform fees as a passive income in the form of fractional PUS NFTs.

A strong P2E (Play to Earn) network will be developed along with an interesting and exciting P2E game with self-sustaining tokenomics. To ensure that the game’s economy is viable, the Purr team will allow anti-inflationary procedures using unique Burn, Stake, and Breed functionalities. It has the potential to assist the community in achieving enormous economic success.

All PURR holders will receive special incentives in the game to give them an advantage over other players, and the PurrSafe Game will allow PURR holders to employ their NFTs in strategic games.

Predominantly, PURR Safe Club intends to develop a strong community and collaboratively lead the community to their very own Purrverse with the help of a devoted and skilled team. Their major goal is to create a P2E game with unique anti-inflationary tokenomics, and to play our P2E game, you’ll need a Purr Safe Club NFT.

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