Suit alleges Vistage Chair used confidential information to form competitor business

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — On September 21, 2017, Direct List LLC and Eran Salu filed a complaint in the Superior Court of San Diego against Vistage International, Inc. and Vistage Worldwide, Inc. (“Vistage”), asserting claims for fraud, negligence, and breach of contract.

The lawsuit alleges that Vistage holds itself out to be a forum where business leaders can meet with each other in confidence to discuss their businesses, with the assistance of well-vetted “expert executive coaches” called Vistage Chairs. Vistage touts that all information shared in the forums will be held in the highest of confidence. Instead, Mr. Salu’s Vistage Chair, Phil Kessler, used the confidential business information Mr. Salu shared to start a competing business called AVS Leads.

Mr. Salu turned to Vistage for help, but they provided zero assistance. According to Mr. Salu, “The only reason I joined Vistage was because of their repeated promises that all the information I shared with my Vistage group would be protected. Vistage told me they wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t keep members’ business information confidential. When I learned that my Vistage Chair had stolen my business information – and even my employees – I went to Vistage for help. But instead of doing anything to intervene, Vistage told Mr. Kessler what he did was fine.”

Mr. Salu hopes that by bringing this lawsuit he can prevent others from falling prey to what he believes are deceptive and misleading practices by Vistage. He is represented by Duckor, Spradling, Metzger, & Wynne in San Diego, California.

Direct List and Mr. Salu seek over $5.3 million in compensatory damages along with punitive damages to be determined at trial.

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