Weak Policies Have Led To Disaster In The Middle East

HOOVER, AL, October 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gerrick Wilkins, Republican candidate for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District said Joe Biden’s speech was not the clarion call needed as Israel battles the Iranian backed Hamas. Wilkins supports full aid to Israel but opposes any aid to Gaza. There should be no reward to those who have killed and taken Americans hostage and unfortunately at this point there is no way possible to differentiate between Palestinian civilians and Hamas. Wilkins was adamant that aid to Israel must not be tied to aid to Ukraine.

As usual with Joe Biden he is trying to have it both ways in asking for aid for both Israel and Gaza. From his disastrous Afghanistan policy to his $6 billion blackmail payment to Iran, he has placed a price on Americans’ heads and endangered our allies. Hamas is being funded by Iran and armed with weaponry left behind in Afghanistan during Biden’s devastating Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden should have demanded the immediate release of our hostages or let Hamas and Iran know that if they are not released we would consider all options against them, as Ronald Reagan did in regards to the 52 hostages held in Iran prior to becoming president.

Furthermore, it’s impossible to overlook the emergent threats not just from Iran, but from nations like China and North Korea, which seek to capitalize on apparent gaps and weaknesses in our foreign policy. A robust and assertive strategy is critically needed to deter our adversaries and secure our interests abroad.

The prevailing circumstances signal a clear necessity for a resolute and unshakable policy that puts American interests and the security of our allies at the forefront. Let us rally behind Israel, championing democracy and stability in the Middle East, and call for potent, incisive leadership in Washington, D.C. Our focus must remain firm: safeguarding our nation and our allies, promoting peace, and ensuring that America’s leadership is respected and unchallenged on the world stage.

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