ensures you really do have a safe online dating experience

VALLETTA, MALTA, July 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — is the only international dating site that guarantees no scammers CupidGuard is a fail safe custom software designed especially for the dating industry. Over the last few months have been working to upgrade and further enhance the technology in CupidGuard bringing it in line with recent scamming trends especially when it comes to scammer grammar.. If you are searching for one of the many Russian dating sites or Ukrainian dating sites to register at you can be sure of a 100% safe online dating environment with

CupidGuard security system is a custom feature developed by Which works with 100% efficiency. A revelation in a business known around the world for dishonesty, rip-offs and scams that lead to broken hearts and loneliness for thousands of men every year.

CupidGuard works in the following way to protect the web site:

· Full time experienced moderation team checking all profiles
· Automated monitoring of activity for suspicious activity keywords and scammer grammer
· CupidGuard Anti-scam software
· Years of experience at detecting fraudulent activity within the industry
· Automated Keyword analysis and flagging to check for key words often used by scammers. 
· Text Pattern analysis in text communication that detects “Scammer grammar”

Members testimonials from include; paul Jones from the U.K says, “It is such a pleasure to deal with a genuine Eastern European dating site, where the British management is excellent at blocking scammers they go far beyond offering a safe scam free experience.” Nigel Jeffers from the U.S.A says, “Bridesandlovers “CupidGuard” Wow!! Why did no one ever think of this before!. You can just speak to the women who are verified, and you will be speaking to a real woman. I met a nice girl from Russia in Moscow recently , it never worked out BUT she was a genuine girl.” You can be assured that if you are looking for a Russian singles website or a Ukrainian singles dating site, is as safe as it gets.

RedSquareCupid the owners of have been working hard to reduce the level of scamming and dishonesty which typically takes the form of:

· Fake profiles
· Con artists
· Spam emailers
· Prostitutes
· Men posing as women
· Email harvesters

“With the new updated security systems in place have found the formula to enable men and women to find and meet each other without the stress and disappointment that all other international dating sites cause through their lack of good security mechanisms” Stefan Hendrick CEO says, “Sad but true, many international dating sitesmake a profit from the fake profiles on their sites and have no incentive to clean up their act.” Whoever you are searching for, be they Moldovan brides, Belarusian brides, kazakh brides for marriage, you’re in safe hands.

Thousands of men from all over the world have found happiness and love through marriage to a woman from Ukraine or Russia. Unfortunately, most have had to contend with a multitude of scammers and fake profiles.  With and their new updated CupidGuard service the web site has ensured that men from all over the globe can sign up to knowing they are in safe hands and will have full knowledge that the company will look after them. is operated by RedsquareCupid, a company specialising in the development of database-driven dating sites. RedSquareCupid was founded in 2009 and is based in the beautiful city of St Petersburg, in the Russian Federation. A leading technology company in the online personals market, RedSquareCupid was founded on the conviction that the Internet can, and does, transform lives. We are passionately committed to providing hope, inspiration and success to singles of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about our Russian singles websites or our Ukrainian singles dating sites just click the links.

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