Carlsbad, CA, April 17, 2018 –(– BridgeSTOR, LLC, the company making cloud storage accessible, today announced the Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server for Veeam a hybrid appliance designed for backup, archiving, migrating and tiering of Veeam backup data to private or public cloud storage. Rio-2 purposely built on Centos 7 allows Veeam to easily install its native Agent sending data directly to Rio-2 as a Linux Repository. Rio-2 writes the current backup to local disk or SSD’s and when completed accelerates the transfer of data to the cloud with hi-speed background threads greatly reducing the backup window. As a hybrid System, recovery is quick and easy, when Veeam requires data, and it’s located on local disk the data is immediately retrieved. If the data is located in the Cloud only the data required for the request will be returned to the Rio-2 appliance saving download fees. "Our customers have been eagerly awaiting a native S3 Storage interface for their Veeam infrastructure so they can utilize Wasabi hot cloud storage for their Veeam environment," says Jim Donovan, Vice President of Product, Wasabi, “The BridgeSTOR Rio-2 Veeam Solution will allow our customers to easily transfer Veeam data directly to Wasabi hot cloud Storage. Additional features of Rio-2 include advanced AES-256-bit Encryption for data at REST in the cloud storage, a Windows SMB, NFS and VTL interface for additional backup support and a Global File System utilizing the BridgeSTOR Global View Manager allowing Veeam data to be shared between multiple locations. Rio-2 ships as a virtual machine designed for VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box or Linux KVM plus a USB dongle allowing customers to install Rio-2 on existing server hardware.

"I believe the Rio-2 for Veeam is the simplest and fastest way to send Veeam backup data to cloud storage," says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC. "Veeam does not have to be modified in anyway to talk with S3 Storage. Install the Rio-2 Server, point Veeam to the Rio-2 and start sending data to the cloud. It’s that easy."

BridgeSTOR, LLC, the Cloud Storage Access Company, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, the creator of Cloud Storage File System (CSFS™) which converts files to objects allowing existing Windows or Linux based applications to easily access and store files or tape objects data to public or private cloud storage. BridgeSTOR strives to make cloud data access simple, fast and affordable to organizations of all sizes.

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