The BG-NUTRIX boasts integrated stereo speakers/microphones, night vision, and a 30x optical zoom lens for crystal-clear audio and detailed visuals in various medical applications.

SACRAMENTO, CA, July 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — BZBGEAR®, a global leader in pro AV and broadcasting products, introduces the BG-NUTRIX, an innovative telehealth solution setting new standards for medical-grade PTZ cameras. The 4K AI auto-tracking BG-NUTRIX offers a combination of exclusive audio and video features, ensuring optimal patient care and superior performance.

The BG-NUTRIX is IEC 60601 certified, complying with medical safety standards. Equipped with high-resolution imagery capable of 4K@60 and 1080p@60 resolutions, healthcare professionals can view and analyze medical procedures with exceptional accuracy. The camera provides multiple connection options, including HDMI, USB, and LAN, integrating with medical imaging devices and other peripherals. Its NDI®|HX 3 compatibility facilitates stable live video feeds through existing network connections. The AI auto tracking uses the latest human algorithms to quickly lock on and track its target without the need for setup or dedicated camera operators. Additionally, the BG-NUTRIX boasts integrated stereo speakers/microphones, night vision, and a 30x optical zoom lens for crystal-clear audio and detailed visuals in various medical applications.

Flexibility and comprehensive control options define the BG-NUTRIX. Control and cascade the PTZ camera with the RS422 output (compatible with RS485) and RS232 input/output. It supports control protocols like VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, and auto identification for compatibility with various systems. The BG-NUTRIX accommodates multiple network protocols, including ONVIF, GB/T28181, RTSP, RTMP, and VISCA control protocols for seamless integration with streaming media servers. The NDI® interface enables the transmission of audio and video signals over LAN.

“The Nutrix represents a significant milestone in telehealth technology,” said Eugene Bocharov, CEO and President, BZBGEAR. “We’re proud to deliver a medical-grade PTZ camera that combines unique features and unparalleled performance with the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. Improve remote patient care, track patient statuses in real-time, and enhance surgical decisions with live consultations. The Nutrix provides so many ways to revolutionize your medical experience and bolster communication in healthcare.”

Here are a few examples of how this medical-grade PTZ camera can be applied:

Telemedicine Consultations: The BG-NUTRIX enables high-resolution video conferencing for telemedicine consultations. Physicians can remotely examine patients, discuss symptoms, and provide medical advice in real-time, all while maintaining clear and detailed visuals.

Surgical Procedures: With its 4K@60 / 1080p@60 resolutions and 30x optical zoom lens, the BG-NUTRIX allows surgeons to capture intricate details during surgical procedures. It facilitates live streaming and recording of surgeries for educational purposes, allowing medical students and professionals to observe and learn from real-time operations.

Training and Education: The AI auto-tracking feature is valuable for training sessions and medical education. Instructors can focus on demonstrating specific procedures while the camera automatically tracks their movements, giving students a clear view of the process.

Remote Patient Monitoring: The BG-NUTRIX offers night vision capabilities and integrated stereo speakers/microphones, making it suitable for remote patient monitoring. Healthcare providers can remotely monitor patients during the night and communicate with them in real-time for continuous care and support.

Pathology and Imaging: High-resolution imagery captures accurate visuals in pathology and medical imaging. Physicians can capture detailed images and videos of samples for analysis, diagnosis, and consultations with other specialists.

Conference Room Integration: Multiple connection options including HDMI, USB, and LAN, make it compatible with conference room systems. Medical professionals can use the BG-NUTRIX to conduct collaborative meetings, discuss cases, and share medical imaging and research materials with colleagues in different locations.

For more information about the BG-NUTRIX and its features, please visit the product page.


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