Dixson Stars as Lilith with Rob Banks as her Costar in the New Horror Film from Writer/Director Robert Christopher Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cassandra Dixson (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5158180/) has worked steadily in the entertainment business, primarily acting for about half her life. She started acting in film projects for her brother at the age of 11 when she still lived in Austin, TX where she was born. She became SAG-Eligible a year later in Aaron Eckhart-starring “My All-American” which led to commercials and other projects and from there she went on to create and star in her own web series “Keepin’ It Weird”. She says that the role of “Lilith” in “Succubus Next Door”, the new horror feature film from writer-director Robert Christopher Smith (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8314010/), attracted her because it provides an opportunity to establish herself as a full-grown adult ready to take on features and lead roles.

“Succubus Next Door” provides Dixson with the opportunity to stretch in her skills in new ways as an actress. The role of Lilith, who is literally seen differently by the different men who become attracted to her–from timid short-haired blonde to mysterious red-head to the bubbly brown-haired form that resembles the very sick wife of “Chris Roth”, played by Rob Banks, a frequent collaborator with writer-director Smith, allows her to leave childhood roles behind as merely the steps she took leading to her burgeoning stardom . Dixson serves as Producer on the film alongside Banks and Smith as well, and together they are launching a crowdfunding effort through Indiegogo in late October 2023 which can be accessed through their website www.SuccubusNextDoor.com

Dixson says she loves the fantasy and horror elements of playing Lilith in “Succubus Next Door” and looks forward to enjoying “more diversity and a wider selection” of roles following her experience in the film as well. Writer-Director Smith says that finding the right actress to play the role was nearly impossible, “We were blown away when we say Cassandra’s audition tape” and then even more once we all got together and got to meet at the callback. Rob (Banks) (https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm6887165/) and I had reached a point that we had thought the project might get pushed until next year, maybe even a whole year into the future. But Cassandra Dixson owned the role of “Lilith” in a way that makes me believe that audiences will never forget her or this film.” Both Dixson and Smith hope the film finds success and are open to the idea of continuing the story under the right circumstances.

When asked who will enjoy this movie, Dixson says “Everyone. Horror is popular right now, and this story is wild. Wild and unique. It’s full of sex and nudity and violence and that’s not all!” she hisses, with a truly devilish grin on her face. “I get to eat a baby! People are going to gross out!” Whether fans are going for drama, horror, vampires, succubus, nudity and the story of Lilith or just for the FX of watching Lilith eat a baby, it sounds like Cassandra Dixson has cast a spell that none of us in her audience will be able to resist. All hail Cassandra Dixson as the dark queen Lilith!

“Succubus Next Door” is the fourth Feature Film from Writer/Director Robert Christopher Smith, following “Vengeance Turns: Volume One”, “Vengeance Turns: Volume Two”, and “Spread: Pigs to Slaughter”, and the first feature produced under the production shingle “Roberts Next Door” formed with costar Rob Banks. “Succubus Next Door” tells the tale of Lilith, who after wandering the world for thousands of years devouring men through sex and eating babies straight from their cribs, has found something unexpected through her seduction of a young man named Chris Roth: love. The film is being produced by Robert Christopher Smith Rob Banks, and Cassandra Dixson.

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