Ladi Anne has been one of the most popular topics online since her latest release this month for her single, Villas. We were able to get an exclusive interview with her and we hope you’ll love it!

What inspired you to get into the Audio Visual arts?
The common knowledge that you have to be one thing, find one purpose in order to succeed drove me crazy. Every time I tried it always got me feeling stuck.

I’ve taken filmmaking courses, I graduated as an audio engineer, my first source of income started as a model, I write songs, I play, I act…

There’s nothing more poisoning to an artist than to feel limited you know…

So I decided I was going to join all of my talents together and it resulted in becoming an audio-visual creator.

Tell me about the special video Humanitarian project that you have put together and the tribute to your late father

So the name of this project is Villas, and that was also the name of my father. It’s a piano composition, no vocals because I feel like sometimes music speaks louder and says more without any words. I wanted to created something very sophisticated and artistic as a tribute for him so I invited a pole dancer, named Marion Crampe to create a magical video with me. We are dismantling a lot of prejudice regarding pole dance in this video. Marion is like a classy bird who flies and dances ballet on the pole. It’s magical and I can’t really describe it with words.

We are donating 100% of the profits earned on iTunes to a organization called Mind Leaps, that creates dance and educational programs for street children and out-of-school youth in post-conflict and developing countries.

How was working with Marion Crampe?
It was truly amazing. Marion is a beautiful soul that feels intensively every project she commits herself to. It was meant to be. I emailed her about my idea and next thing I know we are shooting the video two days later in DownTown LA while she was in LA shooting the Ellen Degeneres show! I love her.

What can we expect from the album “RIDE”?
You can really expect to be truly taken on a ride, cursing around my young-self memories and further on growing into an adult with a lot to say. My goal with this album is to send light and love to who experiences it. I’m very excited.

Thank you, Ladi! It was truly a pleasure to interview you.

Check out Ladi’s Villas!