On July 1st, 2023 MacroVerse Games launched Perseverance, the first game in its rules-lite product line.

HARRISBURG, PA, July 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As MacroVerse Games is working toward a late 2023, early 2024, launch of its full table-top role-playing game, (TTRPG), they were issued a challenge by their publishing partner, DriveThruRPG. The challenge? To join their 2023 GameJam and create a rules-lite role-playing game in two months. For game designers who completed the project, DriveThruRPG would create a marketing campaign and help drive awareness of the new products under their PocketQuest game line.

Steve Chianos, the creative force behind MacroVerse Games, happily accepted the challenge. Starting just after the first of May, he worked to create a complete role-playing game in just 20 short pages. A game that doesn’t require the customer to purchase any supplemental materials to play.

MacroVerse Games is excited to announce the release of Perseverance, their first TTRPG! Perseverance is the story of a dying world’s last hope to save their civilization. It can be purchased at,


While you’re looking at Perseverance, take a few minutes to look at the other PocketQuest game submissions. A lot of creative game designers worked hard to submit a PocketQuest game to DriveThruRPG’s 2023 GameJam.


When asked why he set aside the development of Calamity Jane’s Paranormal Investigations, the first game to be released in MacroVerses’ first full TTRPG product line, Steve Chianos, replied, “Playtesting of Calamity Jane in 2020 and 2021 along with the growth of DriveThruRPG’s publishing capabilities, has sparked a re-write of the system. While I’ve been re-writing the source books, games, and other materials, the GameJam challenge offered an opportunity to get my feet wet in the game publishing world. It’s my hope that I’ll begin to build a following with a Rules-Lite series of games while I continue to prepare for Calamity Jane’s launch.”

About MacroVerse Games: MacroVerse Games is a tabletop role-playing game development company that designs full table-top role-playing games and rules-lite TTRPGs. Our full TTRPGs contain rich environments supported by sourcebooks, full pre-generated games, and other game materials that will be available in .pdf and POD. Our rules-lite games are designed for fast character generation and quick one night

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