Long Island, New York’s X-RobotX unveils a new slate of fall classes set to ignite passion for coding and robotics. Led by top educators, these courses prepare students today for the world of tomorrow.

MASSAPEQUA, NY, September 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the world evolves at an ever-accelerating pace, preparing our children for the challenges of tomorrow becomes increasingly vital. Long Island’s X-RobotX, the frontrunner in STEM and Lego Robotics education, is thrilled to announce its captivating lineup of fall classes that promise to inspire young minds and foster a passion for coding and robotics.

X-RobotX’s fall classes encompass a wide spectrum of engaging topics, ranging from programming languages to robotics engineering. Students will delve into the exhilarating world of coding by engineering LEGO® Education models that will then be controlled by iPads with age appropriate programming software. They will also have the chance to construct and program robots, while collaborating on dynamic group projects designed to hone critical thinking skills.

“At X-RobotX, we believe that every child has the potential to excel in coding and robotics, regardless of their background or interests,” emphasizes Peter Xanthus, Founder and CEO of X-RobotX. “By nurturing their STEM talents, we are preparing our students to adapt to an ever-changing world and arm them with skills that will empower them in the professions of tomorrow.”

Led by the unstoppable team of Peter Xanthus (better known as Mr. X) and his esteemed Director and Vice President, Sean Hogya—also a renowned educator—X-RobotX is poised to revolutionize your child’s learning journey. Discover the perfect class to inspire and engage your young innovators with a range of exciting opportunities:

Starting with first graders, the Simple Science (Grades 1-2) class offers an ideal introduction to fundamental science principles. Through hands-on activities and projects utilizing the LEGO® BricQ kit, students delve into the wonders of science.

Little Engineers (Grades 2-3) is a favorite among second and third graders. Through themed LEGO® building and coding activities, this class ignites creativity and nurtures problem-solving abilities, fostering a love for innovation!

In the SPIKE PRIME (Grades 3-4) class, titled Advancing Engineers, a thrilling journey awaits third and fourth graders. They will explore weekly building and coding challenges using LEGO’s newest robot, paving the way for a future of technological understanding. This program will also provide a platform for conquering diverse challenges using new robots each week. Aligned with STEM standards, this class offers a holistic learning experience that spans science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

For fourth graders and beyond, the EV3 Robotics Courses provide a next level experience, where students can delve into the realms of EV3 Robotics. Upcoming features on this program will include segments on drone technology, video game design, and competitive gaming. These dynamic classes allow exploration of various STEM facets while embracing the joy of learning.

“Our brand new lineup of fall classes has been meticulously curated by our team of ‘X-perts,’ including myself, to ignite a genuine passion for coding and robotics,” Mr. X continues. “Parents don’t always believe this, but not teaching your kids about computers in 2023 is akin to depriving them of basic literacy skills 20-30 years ago. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s true.” 

After an incredible summer, X-RobotX is buzzing with more activity than ever before. As the company approaches its three-year anniversary, and second year at their flagship location in Seaford, NY, the excitement is palpable. Word has spread and X-RobotX’s classes are rapidly filling up, a clear testament to the demand for forward-thinking education.

Co-founder, Mr. Hogya adds: “It’s all about equipping your kids with the skills they’ll need to thrive in the world of tomorrow, while having an awesome time along the way. That’s why we confidently say, it’s not just fun—it’s the smartest fun your kids will ever have!”

Act now to secure your child’s spot and let them embark on this transformative journey of innovation and creativity. Embrace the future with X-RobotX and see your child thrive as a leader of tomorrow. Registration for these exciting fall classes is open, but spots are limited to provide a personalized learning experience with an average class size of just 10 students.

To enroll in fall classes today, click here.

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