Preston appears in multiple episodes throughout Season One

RUMSON, NJ, August 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” is thrilled to announce that Idoneus CEO, Jarrett Preston, has been appointed as the regular asset trading contributor on the highly acclaimed television show “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden.” The show, hosted by entrepreneur and business strategist Jeanniey Walden, aims to inspire and educate viewers on achieving financial success and independence.

As the asset trading regular contributor, Jarrett Preston will bring his extensive expertise in high-value asset trading and investment, value growth and diversification strategy to provide valuable insights to viewers over 7 episodes. With his deep understanding of the ever-changing financial landscape and his commitment to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals, Preston is set to become an invaluable asset to the show’s audience.

Preston’s appointment as the regular asset trading contributor on “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” further solidifies Idoneus’ reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking asset trading platform. Under Preston’s leadership, Idoneus consistently delivers exceptional strategy and innovative solutions to its global client base, making it a sought-after partner for high net worth individuals, families and businesses seeking new insights to navigate an ever-changing economic landscape.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jarrett Preston as the asset trading contributor,” said Jeanniey Walden show host and executive producer. “This opportunity allows Jarrett to share his knowledge and expertise with a broader audience and help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of building wealth today.”

Viewers can expect bestselling author Jarrett Preston to provide practical advice, actionable tips, and proven strategies that can help them build and preserve their wealth. His expertise will cover various topics such as tangible and intangible investments, diversification and mobility strategies, risk management, and more.

You can watch Jarrett on “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” on Fridays on CBS owned and operated WTOG in Tampa, Saturday’s on WUPA in Atlanta and on WLNY in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island and the show is available streaming on Roku, Binge and YouTube.

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