Opportunity to test novel hyper-secure encryption for free

MORRISTOWN, NJ, September 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Breaking new ground in the world of cryptography, LabCipher, a cryptography software development group, is thrilled to introduce its first groundbreaking set of fast and free FLT-modified encryption and hashing applications for initial testing, educational exploration, and research.

The Ingenious Power of Finite-Lab Transform (FLT): Imagine a realm where the core principles of cryptographic processes remain untouched, while their security quotient skyrockets factorially. Enter Finite-Lab Transform (FLT), a game-changing innovation by LabCipher. Through FLT, conventional cryptographic functions, like the ubiquitous Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and SHA-256 hashing, are elevated to previously unattainable levels of security. This groundbreaking technology preserves the inherent structure of data flow, yet dramatically transforms the output of these applications.

Unlocking Possibilities: LabCipher has ingeniously integrated its patent-protected FLT technology into an array of cryptographic applications, inviting cyber security aware professionals and enthusiasts to scrutinize and experiment with FLT’s transformative potential. Among the offerings are AES-GCM and ChaCha20 FLTed encryption and decryption, MD5 and SHA-256 FLTed hashing, and a novel encryption model based on maximum-length n-state sequences.

The Key to Exploration: Every application comes complete with C source code, allowing the curious minds to explore, analyze, and even recompile at their discretion. However, these resources are only available temporarily and solely meant for testing, demonstrating, and research. While operational use is precluded by FLT patent ownership, LabCipher encourages inquisitive minds to seize this opportunity and try the free applications for testing.

Unleashing Security in Your Hands: Peter Lablans, Founder of LabCipher, underscores the importance of safeguarding sensitive data amidst the cloud era: “In a landscape where invaluable data rests beyond the grasp and control of its owners, LabCipher introduces the solution – a badly needed customizable and private security layer through FLT modification. With this, we empower security-conscious entities to fortify their encryption and hashing capabilities. It’s an immediate solution for those who understand the gravity of digital security. Not only now, when AES is deemed secure, but in the future when your presumed secure data is routinely read by adversaries.”

Embrace the Evolution: Based in New Jersey, LabCipher stands at the vanguard of cryptographic technology, thanks to its patented FLT modification. To access the programs, simply visit https://lcip.in, for free, downloadable software. For any inquiries, connect with us at [email protected] or give us a call at 201-282-5657.

Our “small print”: Warning: Extremely high security software. We cannot recover any encrypted data if you lose/forget your settings. Use at your own risk.

LabCipher develops cryptographic software based on its patented Intellectual Property of the Finite Lab-Transform (FLT).

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