The event was attended by representatives of the fashion world such as Juan Andrés Mompó and Francís Montesinos.

VALENCIA, SPAIN, October 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — “María Rosa Fenollar Zaragozá and Judith Más Fenollar, from ‘Brotocó Atelier’, have placed Valencia on a par with Parisian fashion shows, thanks to superb the work of their firm. On numerous occasions, they also do solidarity events purely for charitable purposes. The fact that they have received this award is in recognition of their work for the public in general. They are great women with great projects that make our city even greater too”, said Dr. Ana Mafé García, at the event that took place this past weekend at ‘Cherry Blossom Valencia’, which brought together friends and admirers of the award winners. Among them were designers of the stature of Juan Andrés Mompó and Francis Montesinos.

The award winners, mother and daughter, agreed on the difficulty of “being a prophet in your own land”. “At times we have thought about giving up,” said Judith, “but we are still here and awards like this encourage us to continue”. Brotocó Atelier is an international benchmark for styling and accessories. Its collections are based on and inspired by a multitude of elements: fantasy characters, travel or cultures from all over the world.

Award made by and for women

The Artistic Recognition Valencia, City of the Grail within the programme #verysentirlacultura was started more than five years ago… with the aim of valuing the work done by creative women who transmit in their professions a respect and an intelligent way of validating women in society. The Centro Clínico Óptico Losan, managed by Dr. Esther Santillana Reinoso, awarded a scholarship for doctoral studies of the Holy Chalice (The Holy Grail) in the city of Valencia more than ten years ago. As a way to spread the cultural story that represents this millenary object so important in the history of Christianity, this artistic recognition aimed at the universe of women was started, in a public way, in 2018.

Esther Santillana advocates fraternity. “If we women knew how to value ourselves more and not compete with each other, social coexistence would empower the female gender within its values that make it special and unique: sensitivity, empathy, generosity, kindness, justice”. Some of these same words were also dedicated by those present to this year’s award winners. They were defined as “elegant, kind, supportive, humble, sensitive, generous and humane” women.

Cultural Encounters in Valencia (ENCUVA) is a platform dedicated to promoting Valencian culture and heritage in multiple fields such as the performing and plastic arts in all their variants. Its director, Dr. Ana Mafé García is also president of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail and is joining synergies with the business network to position Valencia as the final destination of the European Cultural Itinerary The Way of the Holy Grail. Quite a challenge for the coming year 2024.

In short, those of us who had the opportunity to participate in this awards ceremony experienced an evening full of gratitude and admiration at ‘Cherry Blossom Valencia’. A new venue in the heart of the city that takes you to the foot of Fujiyama.

Report by Will McCarthy

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