Without reliable outsourced family care, there is an annual nationwide production loss of $12 billion. Employers are recognizing the importance of offering innovative care benefits to attract and retain talent as the workforce evolves.

ROCKVILLE, MD, July 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — PNI•HCM is thrilled to announce our partnership with MyWoosah, a leading provider of outsourced parenting and caregiving services. This exciting collaboration enables PNI•HCM to offer our valued clients access to employer-sponsored care benefits through MyWoosah’s innovative platform.

With MyWoosah’s user-friendly system, families can effortlessly find the perfect match for their unique needs, be it a nanny, babysitter, tutor, or other care provider. The impeccable system also comes with a range of features designed to streamline care management, including scheduling, payments, and communication.

“As a working mom, I know first-hand how difficult it is to be in two places at once and then having to deal with shame and guilt when I can’t be. MyWoosah is a game changer for employer benefits and comp packages,” said Mary Grothe, CRO of PNI•HCM. “Could you imagine reviewing your offer from an employer and finding out they include a bank of hours for pickup, drop off, childcare, tutoring, and assistance for aging loved ones? That’s an employer that would get my attention. Working parents have battles that are only known once you experience them. MyWoosah is an important partner for our clients – together, we are going to empower working parents to thrive personally and professionally.”

“Our slogan, ‘Every Family Deserves a Breather,’ is why we have partnered with PNI•HCM: to reach every organization and get one step closer to achieving our vision of eradicating the stigma of outsourced parenting and caregiving in the workforce,” said Jude Mmereole, Founder & CEO at MyWoosah.

The partnership between PNI•HCM and MyWoosah exemplifies the increasing demand for employer-sponsored care benefits. According to a recent study by Zippia.com, employees without access to consistent and quality outsourced care cost the economy about $12 billion annually. As the workforce evolves, employers are recognizing the importance of providing care benefits to their employees. MyWoosah simplifies this process by offering customizable solutions that align with employees’ specific needs.

With a range of flexible plan options, employers can easily scale their benefits accordingly. Moreover, MyWoosah provides a comprehensive suite of features to streamline care benefits program management, including robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

Together, we aim to empower families and provide them with the exceptional care solutions they deserve.

To learn more about how PNI•HCM and MyWoosah can help you to offer your employees employer-sponsored care benefits, visit pnihcm.com/partners/mywoosah.

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About MyWoosah
MyWoosah is a one-stop-shop outsourced parenting, caregiving, and wellness platform that leverages technology to match employees with highly qualified care and wellness providers. As a trusted global partner of employers, benefits brokers, organizations, and communities, we provide innovative solutions that empower today’s workforce to achieve their personal and professional goals with added peace of mind.

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