Businesses deploy new & innovative digital capabilities for their physical products with the Qliktag technology solution which inextricably connects physical products with NFTs & the digital world using highly secure & unclonable NFC tags.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, July 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Connected Products software & solutions innovator Qliktag today announced 3 new customer signings for its technology solution offering to inextricably connect physical products with NFTs on the blockchain and the digital world using highly secure, unclonable NFC tags. The Qliktag Solution creates NFTs for the physical products on the cloud, or on the blockchain. Type-4 NFC tags are used to link to these NFTs to authenticate the physical item, verify ownership on the blockchain, authenticate physical custody and augment the physical product with value adding digital features.

The Qliktag Solution is a complete solution that includes a SaaS platform, Type-4 NFC tags and an encoding device to allow brands, manufacturers and creators to link their physical products/ assets to the digital world in a way that is unclonable, verifiable and can only be accessed through physical items.

Metagen DAO which started as a project within a group at Harvard Innovation Labs with a focus on innovating with blockchain technology has plans to utilize the technology in a number of interesting use cases and application areas. One such area is to add the NFC tags within trees that are planted as part of a decentralized crowd reforestation & decarbonization project “Metaforest”. The 1:1 link between the physical tree and the tokenized representation of a tree on the blockchain will establish proof of physical existence, proof of ownership, record of planting, growth progress, carbon offset value and other essential data accessible on each tree. It will also allow these planted trees to be digitally transferred via NFT wallets to individuals or corporates to purchase or trade carbon offset credits via this initiative. “Linking physical assets to the blockchain opens up a world of possibilities. However, traditional bridges between the physical world and the digital world such as URLs and QR codes are easily replicated, shared with others and don’t require you to physically be near the item to access. This has always been a shortfall of pairing physical things with the Web3 world or blockchain.”, says Romeo Siquijor – Founder at Metagen DAO and member of the Breakthrough Innovation with Blockchain Team at Harvard University. “The Qliktag technology is the missing link that solves this problem and creates a verifiable, binding link between the physical and digital worlds that cannot be replicated”, Romeo adds.

Fear No Man – a culture inspired streetwear clothing brand by celebrity designer, stylist and award-winning Ghanaian fashion designer Kulaperry recently created an exclusive limited collection of 100 unique printed hoodies for sale on OpenSea as NFT collectibles. The hoodies with each with a unique digital NFT design printed (which correspond to the digital NFTs) have a washable, durable Qliktag NTAG 424 DNA NFC tag stitched into the collar label of the clothing which can be used by NFT collectors to authenticate their physical collectible hoodie when shipped to them and verify ownership through the blockchain. “The partnership with Qliktag for this line of exclusive fashion from Fear No Man is really a new era in the world of fashion and apparel. We launched a line of exclusive collectible fashion both in the digital Web3 world as well as in the real world simultaneously to a new generation of digital first natives.” comments Christopher Crubaugh who spearheaded the project for Fear No Man. “It makes each piece more exclusive, more personal to the buyer and more valuable as it can’t be replicated, remains limited in supply, can appreciate in value and be traded digitally in future.” adds Christopher.

Treiber Timepieces, a California luxury watch brand with hand crafted designs inspired by vintage cars, has introduced the Qliktag technology to offer digital certificates of authenticity packaged with their watches. The Qliktag supplied printed electronic chips in the form of a plastic card similar to a credit card form factor were custom designed as certificates of authenticity which can be digitally authenticated with a smartphone without the need to download any applications. “At Treiber, we craft limited and exclusive timepieces with a guarantee of high quality. Qliktag ensures our brand’s integrity and protection of our customers from purchasing lower quality replicas. The Qliktag software is easy to use and allows our customers to immediately verify if the watch is a genuine Treiber Timepiece or not. Qliktag enables our customers’ continued trust of Trieber and assures the value of their purchase is secured.” says Hermann Kugeler – Founder of Treiber Timepieces.

As more creators, brands and manufacturers across the world look to tokenize and augment their physical products and assets with digital capabilities and simultaneously bring them into the digital world, Qliktag forecasts increased demand for their complete Connected Products.

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of software solutions that bridges the gap between brands, buyers, physical products & and an increasingly digitally driven world. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Qliktag enables creators, artists, brands & manufacturers a complete technology solution to create a new generation of digitally augmented physical products using tokenization and unclonable, verifiable printed electronic NFC tags applied on or embedded into the products. Founded in 2012, Qliktag has worked with individual creators to large multinational enterprises across the globe and brings decades of leadership, technology expertise, enterprise experience and attentive customer-centric approach to all aspects of the business.

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