Ron Patterson, an inspiring author, has announced the release of his informative book, “The Soul Survives and Religion Lies.”

HUNTSVILLE, AL, July 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The topics discussed in the book provide detailed knowledge about science and religion and explain the flaws in fixed and forced indoctrination.

In “The Soul Survives and Religion Lies,” readers are introduced to the background of Patterson and his belief system. Followed by this, there is a discussion on scientific theories like Big Bang and supernova, explaining the need to perceive the world and build a belief system rationally. Thus, the book compares scientific reasoning and indoctrination in understandable language and details.

Author Ron Patterson, a self-taught engineer with a certification in electronics training, spends most of his reading his favorite subjects, astronomy, geology, paleontology, psychology, anthropology and other science-related topics, to find answers to life’s mysteries. His questions and desire to seek knowledge made him realize that there is no existence of a material world.

Thus, Patterson gives a detailed definition of materialism and explains the influence of culture and religious beliefs on our ability to perceive the world. Based on the basics and complexities of epistemology, he points out flaws in the belief system of the general population.

Patterson’s immense research on different mysteries to find the purpose of each thing in the world turns him into a deist from an atheist for many people in his surroundings. He firmly believes in the scientific method and guides readers to look for rational proof for the world’s existence. Patterson believes that the universe was designed by a conscious entity, due to which he reads a lot to understand the nature of that conscious entity and get the answers to his questions.

The book is written purposefully to allow people to improvise their belief system and learn to think and see the world rationally. The chapters and topics focus on the blind spot in science and explain later the concepts of science method in depth.

In this book, Patterson has focused on answering the most critical questions that many of us ask ourselves, such as the meaning of life, the reason for creating humans and life on earth, the purpose of life, and reasons for the existence of God and others.

“The Soul Survives and Religion Lies” is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is an excellent addition to the library of people who loves to compare religion with science and have a keen interest in philosophy. However, anyone can read it because of its core focus on rational and critical thinking.

Ron Patterson is a passionate author with keen interest in studying different branches of science and comparing it with religion to find flaws in the religious beliefs of the majority of the population. “The Soul Survives and Religion Lies” is his second book which was written to avoid people from getting misled.

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