LAPD officer Patricia Blake’s new “Warriors and Heroes” website celebrates pioneering women in policing worldwide, launched in conjunction with International Women’s History Month. It highlights personal stories and contributions spanning a century.

YERINGTON, NV, March 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — At the heart of Warriors and Heroes lies a deep-seated commitment to honor and recognize the women who have left an indelible mark on law enforcement history. The content aims to celebrate their courage, inner strength, resilience, and achievements. This visionary project is not merely a website; it is a sanctuary, a digital haven where their stories are told and cherished, voices amplified.

As visitors navigate through the site, they will encounter a rich tapestry of content intended to inspire, inform, and unite. Explore captivating profiles of trailblazing women officers who have paved the way for generations. Discover gripping stories that illuminate the diverse experiences and unwavering dedication of all our courageous First Responders, protecting and serving their communities. Warriors and Heroes is a testament to the power of women and their male counterparts coming together as true partners with trust and confidence. Patty Blake’s testimony demonstrates her strong commitment to creating an environment that promotes ‘excellence through continuous improvement,’ achieved through leadership, mentoring, and ongoing training and education for all personnel.

“This endeavor is a call to action,” explains Patricia Blake. “It’s an invitation to join a movement that extends beyond documenting and celebrating women’s roles in policing. It aims to foster a healthy environment for both women and men, promoting mutual respect, trust, and competence in a true partnership. I am so excited to share this with the world. In addition to a wealth of information, we included a section dedicated to public causes, community work and charities, which I am perhaps most excited about! This alone could make a life-changing difference for so many.”

Patty Blake’s own experiences are famously detailed in her book, “Touched by the Hand of God: In the City of Angels, SEND ME!“, which stands as a literary high-water mark. Patty invites readers to experience the life of a cop through her writing; to feel the adrenaline, understand the emotional side of police work, and grasp the depth of sacrifices made. To reach a broader audience, Patricia has introduced an audiobook version featuring chapters and interviews addressing the unique challenges of women raising children while on the job. Additionally, leadership concepts from renowned military role models will be available for free streaming throughout March on both of the author’s websites.

All of this arrives amidst a period of tremendous growth and excitement for Patty Blake, as she solidifies her online presence with a range of compelling offerings, notably her long-awaited podumentary series, “SEND ME!” The inaugural episode, which premiered January 12, 2024, set the stage for an immersive journey into Blake’s own experiences. Through eight captivating installments, the series offers a profound exploration into the triumphs, challenges, and invaluable life lessons of integrity and overcoming adversity that have shaped Patty Blake’s remarkable path, as well as those around her.

Patty adds, “The upcoming second episode of ‘SEND ME!’ ties directly into the Warriors and Heroes platform, and we strive to release this project during Women’s History Month. All of this is a big climb, for sure, but my amazing team and I are up to the challenge! Why, you ask? Because it embodies the essence of women in policing—courage, resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment. It promotes a powerful message of faith, family, and a true partnership with our community to enhance public safety and quality of life.”

Warriors and Heroes is a movement. It is a testament to the strength, courage and capability of women in law enforcement, as well as all First Responders! Join us in celebrating their voices and legacy, honoring their sacrifices, and shaping the future.

“As we embark on this divinely inspired journey together, let us remember that our strength is a gift from the Almighty,” concludes Patricia Blake. “These are arguably the hardest times on record for police officers, especially in big cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York. I understand there are times when our warriors and heroes in blue become disheartened, overwhelmed and demoralized with the feeling, ‘What’s the point?’ But let me reassure you, you are doing the Lord’s work. In unity and faith, let us channel His grace to uplift and empower all our precious First Responders—law enforcement, fire, medical, and our precious military—who put themselves in harms way and run towards the danger to protect total strangers; for those rescuers and protectors whom answer the Lords Calling with the words– SEND ME.” (Isaiah 6:8)

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