CEO Mike Fallat’s latest venture propels brands into the podcasting arena, offering a new platform for thought leaders to connect and engage with their audience.

PITTSBURGH, PA July 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mike Fallat, CEO of Dreamstarters Publishing and Million Dollar Book Agency, announced today the launch of a new service, Million Dollar Book Podcast Productions, led by industry veteran Rob Culbertson.

The new service aims to assist clients in launching their own podcasts, creating related content, and connecting with influencers in their field for interviews. This addition to the agency’s offerings underscores the importance of podcasts in gaining an audience and building a personal brand.

“Podcasts are an incredibly powerful tool for thought leadership,” said Fallat. “They allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, share your insights, and build a community around your brand.”

The service includes done-for-you editing and production, taking the stress out of podcast creation and allowing clients to focus on what they do best: sharing their unique insights and experiences.

Fallat, who has successfully utilized all of these strategies and marketing services in his own career, believes in the power of a multi-faceted approach. “The combination of a book, strategic marketing, speaking engagements, and now, podcast production, can help someone be seen as a thought leader in their field,” he said. “This ultimately leads to revenue from high-ticket products and services that can be offered from these marketing efforts.”

Rob Culbertson, who brings years of experience in video and podcast production, will lead the new service. “I’m excited to help our clients bring their stories to life through podcasts,” said Culbertson. “There’s nothing quite like the power of the spoken word to connect with an audience and make a lasting impact.”

To celebrate the launch of Million Dollar Book Podcast Productions, the agency is offering a special promotion: clients who sign up for the podcast production service in the next 30 days will receive a 20% discount on their first three months of service.

**About Mike Fallat and Dreamstarters Publishing and Million Dollar Book Agency**

Mike Fallat, a renowned entrepreneur and the CEO of Dreamstarters Publishing and the Million Dollar Book Agency, has dedicated his career to helping others achieve their dreams of authorship and personal brand expansion. With his innovative approaches to strategic marketing, public speaking, book publishing, and now, podcast production, Fallat has revolutionized the way thought leaders market their ideas.

Dreamstarters Publishing, a groundbreaking company in the world of book publishing, has been instrumental in turning individuals into authors and thought leaders, helping them share their unique stories and insights with the world. Dreamstarters Publishing has consistently been at the forefront of identifying emerging trends and ensuring their clients remain competitive in an increasingly digital landscape.

Million Dollar Book Agency builds upon this legacy. This agency offers comprehensive, high-ticket marketing services that go beyond traditional advertising methods. From strategic marketing initiatives to speaking engagements, the Million Dollar Book Agency is committed to providing a multi-faceted approach to brand-building.

The recent addition of Million Dollar Book Podcast Productions to their repertoire is yet another testament to their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the dynamic needs of their clientele. This service provides clients with a powerful platform to connect with their audiences on a deeper level and expand their reach.

For more information about Mike Fallat, Dreamstarters Publishing, and the Million Dollar Book Agency, visit Together, we’re helping turn dreams into reality, one story at a time.

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