Speech Craft Analytics Launches with Powerful AI Tools Fusing Linguistic and Voice Analysis

BOSTON, MA, September 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Speech Craft Analytics announced its launch today, offering unprecedented linguistic and vocal analysis of public figures using artificial intelligence. The startup released its “Presidential Leadership Scorecard” for this week’s GOP debate.

“We’re excited to unveil Speech Craft Analytics as the premier capability for AI-powered analysis of leadership communication,” said Principal and Chief Data Scientist David Pope. “Our proprietary algorithms decode how confident, convincing and ‘presidential’ candidates appear based on what and how they speak.”

The novel fin-tech startup fuses two burgeoning fields—voice analysis and linguistics—to provide unrivaled insights into the speaker’s mind. Speech Craft Analytics’s AI assesses vocabulary, tone, delivery, and other nuances to reveal what speakers actually mean by detecting subtle patterns in their tone, cadence, and word choices.

Debates are filled with details that may not be at once obvious to viewers. Details may include word choice, rate of speech or clarity. Voice patterns supply clues as to confidence and authenticity. Analysis of Wednesday’s debates reveals these nuances:

As in the first debate, Nikki Haley scored highest. Her delivery had punchier timing and intensity. She uses stressed words and emphatic pauses. Her delivery contained more acoustic energy with powerful volume and zeal. Ms. Haley also used the most certainty words, spoke with the most simplicity and positivity.

Vivek Ramaswamy got the second most words in. His message was positive and was easier to understand than in his first debate. Mr. Ramaswamy also used the greatest number of certainty words. His voice was marked by steady pacing and volume, lacking excessive force. He kept an even tone even when interrupted.

“The AI approach interprets how a candidate’s words and delivery reflect deeper leadership capacities,” Pope explained. In a sphere dominated by traditional pollsters, Speech Craft Analytics stands apart with hard data. “Our tech lets candidates’ own words reveal what surveys can’t,” said Pope.

Speech Craft’s leading-edge artificial intelligence has extensive applications beyond politics. As founder David Pope explained, “Our AI technology can provide unparalleled insights into credibility and mental state for professionals across sectors – from business executives to trial witnesses and more.”

As the 2024 election heats up, Speech Craft Analytics is positioned to offer data-backed evaluation into candidates’ minds and conviction. Pope concluded, “We believe this is only the first chapter for Speech Craft Analytics as we upgrade political dialogue with science.” The startup is fostering media partnerships for 2024 election coverage.

Those interested in Speech Craft Analytic’s origin story or demos can visit www.SpeechCraftAnalytics.com. Reporters can contact [email protected] for exclusive analysis access.

Speech Craft Analytics leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to derive richer insights from the human voice. Our proprietary analysis combines Natural Language Processing with Voice Analytics to provide a comprehensive assessment of a speaker’s true emotional state and intentions hidden within their words. AI is able to detect the prosody vocal features that are imperceptible to the human ear.

While classical analysis focuses on what people say, our technology reveals what speakers actually mean by detecting subtle patterns in their tone, cadence and word choices. Our AI cross-analyzes linguistic and vocal cues to identify concealed emotions like doubt, uncertainty, frustration, confidence, and deception in conversations.

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